Scientific Wordle of September 23: clues and solution to the word

Every day the scientific Wordle encourages us to face a new daily challenge, so today is no exception. That is why we have prepared the following guide in which you can consult the tips, clues and the solution of the word of September 23 .

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Scientific Wordle of September 23

The word of the scientific Wordle of September 23 belongs to the Challenge #194 and is composed of a total of six letters . If you feel like playing, you just have to access the following link, either from your computer or from a mobile device. Your goal will be to guess what is the word related to the science that is hidden.

To do this you will have six attempts, although the game will help you to illuminate the lyrics of various colors. Green means that you have succeeded with the position, so that you do not touch it. The yellow indicates that the letters are present elsewhere, while gray implies that these letters are not anywhere.

Clues for today’s Word, September 23, of the Scientific Wordle

As a hand is never bad, here you have several clues of today’s word, September 23:

  • It is formed by three vowels.
  • It is formed by three consonants.

  • One of the vowels is repeated.
  • Start with consonant and end by vowel.
  • The letter for which it ends is the one that is repeated.
  • It is something that is suffered when we are wrong.

Solution for today’s Word, September 23, of the Scientific Wordle

Before finishing, here you have the solution of the word of September 23:


And also its meaning :

Abnormal elevation of body temperature above 37 degrees.

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