LOL: The secret in the game store that players have taken more than a year to discover

Even if millions of players dedicate a few hours to League of Legends every day, there are times that the novelties introduced by Riot Games go unnoticed for years. A somewhat strange situation that then gives rise to great surprises among the community that developers do not finish understanding. That is precisely what happened to a player who discovered how the game store-where we bought objects during the games-has some seemingly secret functions that Riot Games actually announced more than a year ago.

The trick to use the game store that nobody knew

The function to which we refer is to that of the keyboard shortcuts . When we open the shopping menu during the games, we can press the numerical keys from one to seven so that the game prefers us the objects we can buy with the ingredients we have in the holes of our inventory. Putting, for example, we have a noon laugh in the third space, by pressing the Tree key, the store will reverently show hurricane wind, Krakens executioner and immortal arch. In this way, we can buy a little faster.

A streamer, who discovered him playing live, left a fun reaction about it.

The truth is that the reaction of Happens, the creator of content who encountered this function accidentally, has not been different from that of the rest of the community. Many players have been extremely surprised and even a Riot Games worker had to confirm that the introduction of this function had been carried out in the usual way with notice in the patch notes. However, being such an unimportant adjustment it seems that everyone let him overlook for months until he is finally becoming popular.

The truth is that this is not the only secret of the League of Legends store, although the rest are not related to their functionality. What there are many Riot Games winks to different personalities or game stories. For example, you can find the brightness in the store if we write Jimmy Neutron in the search engine and strength of the Trinity doing the same with Tons of Damage.

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