Markus Rejek will third at 1. FC Köln


On the day prior to the basic meeting, which will occur on Tuesday in the Perfume Lanxess Field, those in charge of Effie revealed: From the start of November, Markus Reek, that recently had useful services at Bundesliga delegated, has actually been executed by Armenia Bielefeld, for 1. FC Cologne be in office. This was confirmed by the Cologne CEO around President Dr. Werner Wolf on his very own club website: We had wished that Markus Reek can enter prior to December 2022-and we can now confirm that. We are happy that he will finish our monitoring on November 1, claimed Wolf.

It has long been clear that Reek would begin in Cologne. It should in fact begin on November 30th, so admission occurs a few days before.

Reek currently integrated into some vital questions

Prior to his time at Armenia, Markus Reek worked as an advertising supervisor at Borussia Dortmund (2010 to 2014) and also as handling supervisor at the Munich Lower. In October 2017, he took on this role at the Bielefeld and also consequently additionally played a huge component in the increase and new financial safety and security of the club-in cooperation with the assistance of some business, understood as the OWL partnership, Reek managed to stabilize the organization financially.

The 54-year-old Reek looks at the upcoming job on the Rhine with anticipation: I can barely wait. From November, I will certainly then work in day-to-day job Take over my business area in all information.

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