Rainbow Six: Pampas dominates the second day of South6 and stays with the tip of the table

The second date of clashes within the South League in the Rainbow Six competitive They have prepared the teams, with the action starting the second day can demonstrate other faces of the teams.

In the first confrontation New stars faces Hawks where the stars begin to shine at the beginning to give rounds in their favor that will begin to give them the advantage, with JPZ420 hitting all the shots in the right places to get points that would be important Within the duel, with this the stellar team manages to take the victory for them with a 7-2 that give them comfort.

For the second game Salinas Gaming fights with Leviathan in a stage where the mg squad took the advantage, but the sea dragon did not stay behind, however, Kurtz would be present at the match marking several casualties that that little girl would give Opportunity to take control of the match to fall to the rivals little by little closing the game with a 7-4.

During the third Duel May cam Evolve it is measured with Furious Gaming starting aggression on both sides to be able It would be the executioner who would make the rivals fall very good way to get the victory.

In the fourth contest we have New Pampas against Taurus who have a rather intense skill sample from the first minutes leaving a very even score that managed to send the meeting that would be sentenced by H4SSK giving the last casualties for his team that would end up ending the encounter with an 8-4 that puts a smile on the face of the foxes.

The second date of clashes ends leaving the pampas team at the top of the table followed by furious tied with Leviathan , there is still one more date of this first week when the teams They are still looking to have the best place within the points table, so far the level that has been shown is quite good and leaves us wanting to see more.

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