How to get clothes in Splatoon 3

Everyone likes to look good in the game they have chosen. Splat on 3 gives you the opportunity to look good in the game, allowing you to change clothes and choose from many outfits. It is full of mods, horseradish weapons and other funny things. You would like to look good and fresh when you enter the Splat field, and for this you will need clothes and equipment.

If you want to know everything about clothes in Platoon 3 and how this mechanic works, you got to the address. Let’s start.

how to get clothes in Platoon 3

When you increase the rating of a certain object in Platoon 3, from 1 to 3 new places are loaded with fragments of abilities. In the game, clothing has certain abilities. These abilities can help you a lot in the game and during battles.


There are three categories clothes in platoon 3 . These categories:

  • Headdress
  • Tops
  • Shoes

Skirts or trousers that your avatar wears can be changed in the character NBA 2K settings section. Pants are always either gray or black with an emphasis on the shade of the ink that you use.

will be bloomed 3

The Nintendo Online mobile application has a related software called Splat net 3. Using Annie, which also controls the Splat net equipment store for Platoon 2, you can order certain clothes, view the battle statistics and get wallpaper.

Therefore, be on the alert, since every day there will be 1 drop. Products often have other abilities than those displayed in clothing stores.


Although you can order their clothes, but you can never order clothes associated with Amino.

Approaching anyone who wears beautiful clothes, you can choose a product and use the merchant to order it. The march, which can be found at 4, sits outside the lobby. In addition to collecting purchases in Splat net 3, it can clean your clothes or strengthen fragments of abilities.

salmon shifts

One way to get clothes in Platoon 3-through Salmon Run Shifts. Performing your shifts of running with salmon, you can provide your squid with armor if you decide to provide them with their clothes.

Your glasses will also be converted into boxes with awards, some of which may include clothes, in addition to money. Fragments of abilities will already be applied to this clothing, and if you get a double, you can re-use it for fragments of abilities.

Said stores

In Platoon 3 there are three clothing stores where you can purchase clothes and equipment. These stores:

  • Crush the station
  • Supported couture
  • Men’s wardrobe.

Given that all 3 enterprises are managed by the new NPC French, we can conclude that the remaining franchisees remained in every city to maintain their activities. Keep in mind that shops now offer a regular assortment, and not one extensive assortment.

Men’s Wardrobe

The wardrobe Man o ‘Wardrobe has a black facade and is located across the road from the Grizzly hotel and the lobby. Here you can find almost everything, including all types of outerwear, such as coat, T-shirts and T-shirts.

Remove the station

Man O ’wardrobe directly adjoins Crush Station. Mr. Coco, a huge coconut crab, is responsible for him. He has a fairly wide range of shoes, many of which have useful functions, such as Stealth Jump.

C will be couture

It is a little difficult to detect Nut Couture, a boutique that sells hats. You can get there by climbing the iron stairs, which is located next to the two previous stores. He could not be missed, given that there are hats. This store sells hair accessories, head bandages, caps and glasses.

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