How to unlock new biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dream light Valley is an excellent player available for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, which allows players to plunge into the magical world of Dream light Valley. Unit with your favorite Disney characters to restore peace and harmony in the village. You have so much to do, from craft and cooking to decoration of the house and setting up your own avatar. Performing exciting quests from the characters, you can develop friendship and open new biomass for adventure.


If you open the map menu, you will see various biomes around the world. Gray areas are biomes that have not yet been unlocked. Evil void and night spikes block each entrance and will not let you enter. By choosing the entrance, you can use your Dream light magic to unlock the path. However, in order to move on to these BIOS, you must first restore the Friendship pillar in the meadow and accumulate enough daylight to remove evil night spikes . You will find a pillar of friendship and the captured sphere of friendship in the meadow, northwest of the Sufi shop.

How to fix a pillar of friendship

The sphere of friendship should be placed in a pillar to restore the pillar of friendship. This means that you must free him from the night spikes that are confused around him. You must get a quest from Merlin called Friendship is all , which suggests that you must develop three friendship to 5 level to free the sphere. This can be done relatively quickly by giving the characters gifts or having completed quests for them.

When you have three friendships of the 5th level, talk with Merlin and return to the pillar to find the sphere. The sphere of friendship will be released to Earth so that you can grab it. Then select the pillar and also transfer the sphere to this. This disperses all evil magic from the pillar and restores the well in the center of the meadow. Now you must be able to go to any of the various entrances to biomes and use your dream light to unlock them.

how to get primate

It costs about 1000 dreams to unlock each of the different entrances to biomes. You can find out the total number of Dream light by opening the menu on daylight tab or checking any of the blocked inputs. To earn more Dream light, full any of the responsibility listed in various categories shown in the Dream light menu. This can be any small task, from collecting certain resources, a gift to a character or achieving a targeted amount of fish caught. Their implementation will not take much time, and you can perform them working on other quests or actions.

As soon as you restore the pillar of friendship, you can unlock various biomes and explore new areas of maps, each with its new secrets and miracles. Get a new friendly relationship, and you will again collect the pillar as soon as possible!

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