Deltarunes next chapters will not leave until at least 2023

TOBY FOX has confirmed through Twitter that this year new chapters of deltarune will not be published, so it seems clear that we will not see its history, at least, until 2023. Of course, to compensate for a Little what for fans can be a click, has also announced that next week has something special to commemorate the anniversary of its second chapter.

Recall that the announcement of the second part of the sequel to Undertale arrived just under a year ago, when Fox revealed by surprise that he would be available the next day on PC, and shortly after he would also reach PS4 and Switch.


During those dates, he also updated Deltarune’s blog to announce that the next three chapters of the game (Chapter 3, 4 and 5) would launch at the same time and serve to finally complete their history. What also dropped is that at that time they will be paid and can be purchased as a complete pack that also covers the first two. In fact, although initially the idea was that the second would also have to pay it, he admitted to having changed his mind due to the difficulties that everyone has recently crossed. For those who wanted to support it financially, Fox urged them to buy their soundtracks through Bandcamp.

As a climax at the year 2021, to rescue some of the titles that had remained on the way, we recovered this deltarune chapter 2 to talk about the identity and tone that characterize Toby Fox’s works and that, of course, were present In his last launch, as fresh as never and as cozy for his fans as any other.

You can read the review, in addition to that of Monster Train and Boomerang X, through this link.

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