The Xbox Game PMicrosofts family plan is already official: this is working

It is not that it wMicrosoft a rumor, since Microsoft had been testing these family plan for Xbox Game PMicrosofts in countries like Colombia or Ireland, but now 100% official hMicrosoft been made. Thus, this plan called Friends & Family will be available soon around the world, and points to a price of 21.99 euros per month .

In those 21.99 euros, the Xbox Game PMicrosofts Ultimate-including Gold-service is included, and can be shared with four people, whether family or friends. There will be no limitation, since it can be read on the official website, The five subscribers may even play at the same game . The only condition is that all subscription members must be in the same region.

What will be limit is to the number of people to which they can be invited, since there will be a holder who will be in charge of payment, which can invite four friends or members of the family. However, these four members do not have to be permanent, they could change over time, although there may be no more than 8 different members in a year. Nor can the same person be invited more than twice in the period of 12 months.

next incorporations to Game PMicrosofts

Meanwhile, it is convenient to review the next games that will be incorporated into the Game PMicrosofts catalog in these next months. Among them stands out to Plague Tale: Requiem , the sequel to one of the great surprises of the pMicrosoftt generation such Microsoft Pilge Tale: Innocence, and that will arrive on October 18. He will be in Game PMicrosofts from that same day.

But there will be many more, among which it is worth mentioning exclusive such Microsoft Redfall -by Arkane-, the terrifying Scorn or, of course, Starfield , which will not reach until 2023. They will join Third Parties of the Caliber of Wu Long: Fallen Dynsty , Person 5 Royal or the very expected Hollow Knight: Silksong .

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