How to get the Albura leaf sword in Genshin Impact – statistics, update materials and more

They want to know ** How to get the Sapwood Blade sword in Genshin Impact? In addition, we will go into details about their basic statistics and improve the materials to increase their ascension levels.

How to introduce the Albura leaf genshin impact


Players can get the Four Star Eump Sheet plane in Genshin Impact of Aravinay in the dream tree once they complete any of Aranyaka World Quest missions. However, if you cannot find the creature near this area, you must go to the musical stone next to the houses in Vanarana and touch the rhythm of the great dream to activate the appearance of Aranara.

The only currency that Aravinay accepts is the object known as Tuyas and Aranara stories, a reward you will get when you venture with mystical beings in Misiones.

To get the waterfall, you must buy the desert story and go anywhere in blacksmiths to make the weapon. These are the necessary materials you will need to get this tool:

  • 1 Midlander sword ticket (manufacturing)
  • 50 pieces of glass (found in nature)
  • 50 pieces of white iron (found in nature)

Robbage Base Statistics

The Albura leaf in Genshin Impact has an energy recharge of 6.7 percent and a base ATK of 44. The weapon also has the power of the consciousness sheet that surrounds the character for a maximum of 10 seconds after activating Burning, Quickn, Aggravate, Spread, Bloom, Hyperbloom or Burgeon.

This ability will provide the user 60 of elementary domain for 12 seconds, where 1 sheet can be generated every 20 seconds.

Improvement Materials of the Albura leaf

Here is a breakdown of all the necessary materials for each level of rise of sapwood in the game:

Ascent Level Materials
0 to 1 1-20 3 Copper talisman of the Rocío del Bosque, 3 chaos storage, 2 faded red satin and 5000 default.

1 to 2 | 20-40 | 3 Iron Talisman of the Rocío del Bosque, 12 chaos storage, 8 faded red satin and 15,000 default.
2 to 3 | 40-50 | 6 Iron Talisman of the Rocío del Bosque, 6 chaos module, 6 Red Silk and 20,000 Mora.
3 to 4 | 50-60 | 3 silver talisman of the Rocío del Bosque, 12 chaos module, 9 red silk and 30,000 blackberry.
4 to 5 | 60-70 | 6 silver talisman of the Rocío del Bosque, 9 Chaos Bolt, 6 Rich Red Brocade and 35,000 Mora.
5 to 6 | 70-80 | 4 Golden Talisman of Rocío del Bosque, 18 Chaos Bolt, 12 Rich Red Brocade and 45,000 Mora.

Now that you know How to get the Sapwood Blade sword in Genshin Impact , you can try to get the weapon completing the Arayanka mission. Before leaving, you can see more content about the game by consulting the relevant links below and seeing our guides about Dehya’s actor’s voice and the mission of the world of unwavering culinary dream.

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