How many demons are in Soul Hackers 2

In the tactical Jrpg Soul Hackers 2, you control a team of four heroes fighting for the salvation of the universe. In step-by-step battles, you call for the power of various demons to attack, heal and strengthen your path to victory. But how many demons are there in Soul Hackers 2?


How many demons are in Soul Hackers 2?

After passing the second dungeon in Soul Hackers 2, you will gain access to the new part of the city. The Kingdom of ROPPO is the home for Cirque du Gumaden, where you can go to turn demons into new and stronger varieties. But you do not need to collect all the different types of demons in order to be able to view the potential menu, since the owner of the Victor circus has a complete compensation of names that you can view. In total on the list of compensation of 148 demons. .

At that time, as a list of demons in Soul Hackers 2, the answer to the question How many demons are there? In fact, not so simple. This is because Circus Du Humaden allows you to unite demons to create new ones. Although these demons are in the above list, you can choose the forces that they will bring from the demons that you will combine to create them. Moreover, they also inherit an increase in characteristics. So, every demon that you create can be unique, with individual characteristics and abilities. .

The main restriction that you have is that you cannot take from the list of a demon, the level of which is higher than that of your main character, Ringo. Your first demons, of course, will be the first level when you get them. But the list has demons of even 95th level. So you can be sure that throughout the game you will receive new exciting demons.

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