Gaming Creca Saison Gaming Card DIGITAL will start accepting enrollment applications on September 12. If you use it, you will accumulate gaming coins

Credit Saison announced on August 22 that it will start accepting applications for enrollment for the credit card for game users on September 12.

Saison Gaming Cards were launched in December 2020 as a concept card targeting game users. And this time, the card design and the dedicated app UI/UX improvement will be performed, and it will be renewed to Saison Gaming Card Digital.

One of the features of Saison Gaming Card Digital for game users is the existence of gaming coin (GC). A mechanism that accumulates 1GC for 100 yen (tax included) in one shopping. In the case of revolving payment shopping, 2GC is also accumulated as bonus coins for 100 yen.

It is said that the GC accumulated in this way can be exchanged for various gift cards and game-related items from the member-only application Saison Gaming Card App. Examples of replacement items include prepaid cards such as PlayStation Store Card, Apple Gift Card, Google Play gift card, and Amazon gift voucher. In addition, PC peripherals such as gaming mice and headsets, energy drinks, and snacks are also available.

In addition, if you purchase a PlayStation Store Card, Nintendo Paid Card, or Google Play Gift Card at Storee Saison, a general mail order site limited to Saison Card Members, GC will be given positive. In the case of PlayStation Store Card, it will be returned 1%.

In addition, a newly added function in the renewal to Saison Gaming Card Digital is to issue digital cards. A digital card will be issued on the Saison Gaming Card App in a minimum of 5 minutes from the completion of the application, and it can be used for payment immediately. The plastic card will be mailed later. It seems to adopt a complete number card that does not display any card information (credit card number, expiration date, security code) on both sides.

The Saison Gaming Card App has added a card number check, notification of card use in push notifications, and original ticket change functions in addition to the conventional function. And it is said that UI/UX is improving.

Saison Gaming Card DIGITAL application application will start on September 12. Check the official website for details. The service will end on March 27, 2023 for the old Saison Gaming Card.

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