These are all Pokemon winners World Championships 2022

This week it was flying in London , and with this we refer to the fact that the Pokémon World Championships 2022 , celebration in which several players of different titles of the franchise gathered to give what better of itself in your specialty title. And now, we already have all the winners of each category.

Here all the winners:

Pokémon TCG

Junior division winner: Rikuto or

Senior division winner: Liam H

Winner Division Masters: Ondrej škubal

Pokémon VGC

Junior division winner: Kosaku Miyamoto

Senior division winner: Yasuharu s

Winner Division Masters: Eduardo Cunha

Pokémon Go

Senior division winner: Meweedle

Winner Division Masters: Dancingrob

Pokémon Unite

Winning team: Blvkhvnd and its members are: Kyriaos ( Kihyun Lee ), Overlord98 ( William byrnes ), Slashcan ( Let them be Tucker ) and Junglebook ( Nicholas Jinkyu Kim ) and Elo ( Shi Yuan Huang ).

Pokken Tournament

Senior division winner: Reuben Staples aka Fruitprime


Winner Division Masters: Davon Amos-Hall aias Shadowcat

Remember that we will soon be talking more about the event in winner Podcast.

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