A summary of the topic of game culture in the past week! DOOM play with a startling tractor, the movie version GHOST OF TSUSHIMA will be a full -length Japanese & Japanese cast?

Introducing the Game Culture related article published by GAMESpark, which has been echoed in the past week in a ranking format! The ranking is 2022 August 14, 2022, August 20, 2022 *, and is a ranking that is compiled at its own point based on the number of articles accessed in the category Game Culture/Culture.

Game Culture/Culture News Ranking

10th place AI makes a new character by combining the overwatch hero! Mercy x Jean Clut = Mark Rat: 17 Pt.

High quality AI generated heroes.

9th place [Weekly Trehan] The only battlefield that can be Muska is BF1942 is the treasure from August 7 to August 13, 2022! : 20 pt.

Weekly Treasure Hunt, which introduces the game information and entertainment information you are worried about at once because the timing is missed or the timing does not match, August 7 to August 13, 2022 to August 13, 2022. It is a minute.

8 The first HALF-LIFE Steam Steam Maximum contact, suddenly 2 doubled… Connection Festival in the shadow: 54 pt.

In addition, this record seems to be the source of the unofficial statistical site Steam DB.

7th place Doom transplanted to agricultural tractors! ? Play on jailbreak computers, DOOM GUY will be a farmer MOD: 57 Pt.

The vulnerability of the tractor performed at the hacker conference Def Con.

6th place Ukraine supermarket chain opened with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series-GSC Game World staff also participated in the concept: 72 pt.

The Ukrainian supermarket chain SILPO has announced that it will open a new store in Ukraine’s GSC Game World S.T.A.L.K.E.R. on August 16, local time.

5th place This time is the VR version ELDEN RING! Overseas artists reproduced in Dreams UNIVERSE. Most recently, P.T. is also: 80 pt.

DREAMS UNIVERSE is a creative platform for PS4 that can create all content such as games, music, and animation.

4th place The live-action version Monster Hunter is being distributed on Amazon Prime Video-Mira Jovovic, Tony Jars and others appeared: 88 Pt.

The role of the receptionist is played by Japanese actress Hirona Yamazaki.

3rd place Microsoft PC Game Pass Official Twitter is updated with meaningful messages-Users expect the appearance of DEATH STRANDING: 154 Pt.


It is a landscape photo where you can see steep mountains, rocks, and vegetation.

2nd place movie version GHOST OF TSUSHIMA is a full-length Japanese & Japanese cast! To the director’s wishes, Sony is also on riding: 220 pt.

CHAD STAHELSKI, the director of this work, revealed in an interview with Collider, an overseas media.

1st place ELDEN RING Overseas users create a diorama that reproduces the tension with the Hiryu Agir! : 239 pt.

The next work is Radar’s diorama.

** AI is a service that automatically generates illustrations. In addition to Mercy and Jean Clut, a combination of Thorbyon and Tracer, Genji and Brigitte, Widou Maker and Zenyatta has been born with a new hero that incorporates the two.

In the second place, the director of the movie version of GHOST OF TSUSHIMA is ranked in the second place News is ranked in news, who wanted to produce the same work in full-length Japanese & Japanese cast. Sony seems to be cooperative with this concept, and the expectation is increasing how faithfully the atmosphere of the original game, which is strongly influenced by Akira Kurosawa, is also strong.

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