Timesia how to fendy daggers and feathers

Timesia would not be like a game of soul if players could not fend off attacks. The cruel nature of the game encourages you not only to resist the enemies, but also to dodge them, and not to rush without any strategy.

However, Timaia has a slightly different protection system. The game has two ways to parry attacks, each of which is suitable for different situations. Therefore, you will not just need to press one button to stay alive.

The next leadership will teach you to parry in Timesia.

How to Parish a Dagger

The paring system in Timaia is more traditional. You need to press L1 or F on a controller or keyboard, respectively, to grab a small dagger that repel the attack of the enemy.

Please note that you can press the parcel button in some cases when you are bombed with a series of attacks. Nevertheless, you will basically need to parry the moment when you are going to get an attack. This is important because some enemies carry out a fatal combo, and you will not be able to fend off subsequent attacks without fitting in due time.

Accuracy is important here, and when you have it, you will master the parry in Timesia.

There is also a protective stand that you can unlock in your talent tree in the game. Using a protective rack reduces all incoming damage. If it is difficult for you to fend off, you can unlock the protective rack to stay alive.

Please note that in Timesia there are certain attacks that cannot be fended. These are red attacks that will use enemies in the late game. You do not have to be afraid of them at the beginning and middle of the game.

How to Power Poveters

The second type of parrying is that you throw feathers into enemies. You have three for starters, and they are restored over time, so do not worry about spending them wasted.

You can drop feathers to fend off the blow by pressing L2 or the left CTRL on the controller or keyboard, respectively.

It is important to note that the fever parrying system works only with enemies who glow green. The choice of time for this parrying can also be complex compared to the dagger parrying system. This is because you should take into account the time that your feathers require to land on the enemy.

Learning the game will give you a good opportunity to practice in the parrying. Be sure to use this to feel your feathers.

How to improve parrying

In raw form, protection with a dagger and pen is quite weak; Especially if you compare them with the Cooping, which you can perform in other games similar to your hearts.

Something unique in Thymesia is that you can improve your parries so that they work exactly as you want. To do this, you need to unlock new talents to change the time and damage of your retorting.

To parry the dagger, you can use talents to increase the temporary window. Nevertheless, this naturally will reduce the damage that you inflict to the enemy.

If you fully mastered the parcel with a dagger, you can also reduce the temporary window to increase its damage. The increase in damage is quite significant, so it is worth mastering the timing.

As for the parrot parrying, your character in Thymesia holds only three pen. These feathers are restored over time, but having only three of them is very ineffective. Fortunately, talents allow you to increase both the number of feathers that you can hold and the speed of restoration of feathers. This will make your parrying feathers much more reliable during the battles.

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