Thus Luce Resident Evil ClUnreal Enginesic Edition, a remake of the first installment with Unreal Engine 5 created by a fan

Yes, another day we bring you an impressive creation by the hand of a fan of the Capcom horror saga. This is Resident Evil 1 ClUnreal Enginesic Edition , a remake of the first installment developed with Unreal Engine 5. A look at how the original title would be seen if it came out in the new generation consoles, thanks to a much higher graphic section to which we saw in 1996 (and the Remake of Gamecube in 2002).

Unreal Engine you can see in the video that we offer below , its creator (Re Biohazard) hUnreal Engine focused solely and exclusively on the visual Unreal Enginepect, respecting the locations of the Spencer mansion, the enemies, the fixed camerUnreal Engine system and The rest of the characteristic elements that made Resident Evil one of the most popular survival in history.

Where to play the first Resident Evil in 2022?

Luckily for lovers of both the saga and horror video games, today it is very eUnreal Enginey to access the first Resident Evil. Or at leUnreal Enginet, to the remUnreal Enginetered version of the remake that arrived exclusively to Nintendo Gamecube back in 2022 . This is Resident Evil HD RemUnreal Engineter, available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. In addition, you can even find it on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

It is an improved and expanded version that does not replace the original game. With new enemies-that is Crimson Head…—, Lozizations and puzzles, in addition to a renewed graphic section and the possibility of adapting control to a more current style. On the margin, you can always enjoy the first version, available in the PS Plus Extra and Premium catalog ( PSX clUnreal Enginesic ).

With regard to the short-term future of the saga, On October 28, Resident Evil 8 Village Gold Edition arrives, which brings with it an extension of the mercenary mode and the most interesting, the DLC Shadow of Roses. A little later, specifically on March 24, 2023, we have one of the most anticipated releUnreal Enginees of recent years: Resident Evil 4 Remake .

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