Xbox Game Pass: Over six brand-new games from Say goodbye to Robots

Say goodbye to robots will certainly currently know a lot of you from Descenders, because the game is exceptionally popular among all customers in the Xbox Game Pass. The business’s director is called Mike Rose as well as has a far-ranging past in the computer game industry. He commended the Xbox Game Pass a number of times in the past and also currently also Xbox boss Phil Spencer had a conversation round with some say goodbye to Robots staff members, to name a few points regarding the future of computer game.

The author Say goodbye to Robots sells games like Yes, Your Poise, Descenders and also Hypnospace Outlaw. The Xbox Game Pass uses several such games to regularly attract brand-new players.

There is an iron silence about which games are suggested or which titles have been chatted regarding for the Xbox Game Pass. There are already first hints that we have actually currently reported on. However, official news for this are still pending.

In the future, the collaboration between Xbox and also No extra Robots will certainly seem to be growing, since within the next 12 months there will be more than 6 more video games in the service, including football tale.

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