Crazy steam shooter lets you arrange mayhem as an armed squirrel

A new shooter on Steam triggers a sensation with an extremely strange concept. In the future game Squirrel with a weapon you can deal with as a armed squirrel through an open-world-sandbox as well as arrange all types of mischief.

Steam: Skurriles Open World game creates a sensation

After you can manage a pet cat through a sci-fi city in Stray, the next game is currently waiting for Steam in which you browse a small pet via a large world-Squirrel With A Weapon has a strange twist. As the title currently exposes, you take control of a squirrel with a preference for weapons in the sandbox game and donate mayhem without end.

Have a look at the trailer for the game Squirrel with a gun:

Squirrel with a weapon: New PC warm idea?

The indie game Squirrel with a weapon uses the initial trailer specifically what the title promises: you control a daily squirrel through an open-world and makes a as a result extra-large and normal pistol or Uzi. You can clearly utilize the weapons to eliminate individuals or to move them skillfully using the recoil.

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On the various other hand, you can help the various other residents of the Open World with certain missions or as in the prominent game Untitled Goose Game drive all kind of shinds with their belongings.

It is currently not yet clear what difficulties are waiting for you in the sandbox world. The game is detailed on Steam, however A magazine day is unfortunately not yet recognized – yet you can still muffle the dream list. A minimum of the Steam side reveals that the opponents are supposed agents-Matrix greets-and that you can disarm them as a squirrel with excellent timing.

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The game is detailed on Steam, however A magazine date is sadly not yet understood – however you can still rest down on the wish listing.

A new shooter on Steam creates an experience with an extremely strange concept.

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