Outcast 2: a brand-new trailer with gameplay, there will be jetpack paired with a wingsuit

The launch of Castaway 2: A Brand-new Beginning is intended on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series on an unidentified date. On the other hand, the game will certainly be usable at Gamescom in Fragrance from August 24 to 28.

Among the lots of games that Thq Nordic unveiled throughout his showcase tonight, there was Derelict 2: In New Start, a game revealed a year ago currently and which had not provided a sign of life because. You have to think that the Belgian programmers of Appeal Studios gave themselves to seduce us with this very first gameplay trailer, and the result is rather unusual, especially for a production that does not fall under AAA. There are undoubtedly clear improvements because the remake of the first episode released in 2017, with a video game that won in rate, nervousness as well as selection of gameplay.

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