New SRPG Arkland, 2022 confirmed participation in Seoul Popcorn

ZLONGAME announced on the 12th that the SRPG ‘Arckeland’, which is developed by the company and is scheduled to service, has confirmed the participation of ‘2022 Seoul Pop Culture Convention Seoul (2022 Seoul Popcorn)’.

‘2022 Seoul Popcorn’, which will be held in Samseong-dong, Seoul from 25th to 28th, is a new pop culture exhibition in Korea. It is an exhibition where you can meet the same new content. At this event, Arkland will participate in the game and start to announce it.

There will also be a demonstration build to experience the game directly. Through this, it is an opportunity to meet the sophisticated and beautiful graphics, the combat system full of strategic battles, and the exciting story and the all-time game BGM.

Arckeland also prepared a lot of events. The course ‘Min Han-na’ and ‘Eki Holic’ will visit the booth as a game character cosplay makeup, and visitors will perform missions such as pre-booking and receive a lot of prizes including limited goods through lottery events such as roulette and rock-paper-scissors. Can. In addition, you can enjoy the best model of the Korea Fashion Designer Association, the Asian Professional Photographers Association Models and Photography Event benefits.


Arckeland, which is about to participate in the 2022 Seoul Popcorn, is the next SRPG’s next film by the crew of the Rong Games, the crew of Langris. While inheriting the core play of ‘Lang Grit’, the previous 2D graphics were greatly upgraded to the cartoon rendering 3D graphics, providing a free visual change, further raising the immersion and impact.

If you are already familiar with SRPG, you can enjoy strategic elements such as attribute and topography, and have been able to enjoy the complex combat system so that even new users can easily adapt and enjoy. Of course, you can enjoy a variety of stories and play that many subquests support.

An official of Rong Games said, We will showcase Arckeland at 2022 Seoul Popcorn. We hope to enjoy the game in advance before the launch, and we will continue to release the latest information related to the game in the future. I conveyed it.

More details about the game can be found on the official cafes, Facebook and YouTube.

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