Game Pass would have 100 million subscribers after purchase of Blizzard Activision

The purchase of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft continues to give much to talk about. Although the negative points and the chances of this business being canceled at the end of the day have not stopped, there are also those who see the positive side of this acquisition. This is the case of Michael Pachter, who has indicated that, in the event of this process, the number of users Dexbox Game Pass would increase substantially **.

Recently, Pachter, a famous analyst by Wedbush Securities, said that the purchase of Blizzard Activision, as well as the cloud focus, could lead to Xbox Game Pass up to 100 million subscribers . This was what he said about it:

His idea of him is to bring video games to all devices that have a screen, it is a global market of 3.5 million potential subscribers, so I think Xbox Game Pass can grow from 25 to 100 million subscribers soon.


It makes no sense to exclude such a big audience, look what Disney is doing after acquiring Fox, has not stopped premiere his films in theaters and forcing his fans to subscribe to Disney+. Something similar is happening with HBO and I think it is a very intelligent strategy. If Microsoft follows this path, you will have its activation that it is very good in this type of strategy and it shows that much of its income comes from this type of agreements, then I think that for Microsoft this is a great opportunity.

Along with this, Pachter has mentioned that The Federal Commission of Commerce will not block the purchase , and will be until next January when this transaction manages to be fulfilled.

I can say with confidence that the FTC has no legal basis to oppose this. They could try. But the basis for a dispute would be the elimination of Sony PlayStation platforms, in case Microsoft completes the acquisition. And Microsoft has already published in a blog and tweeted that will not.

Wait to October because they are going to be nine months from the agreement. This will be the time when the FTC will have to act or let go. And if they do not at the end of October, Microsoft will announce that they will close the treatment for the end of the year, and then we will see what the FTC does, but I think this treatment will close, no later than January 15.

Returning to Xbox Game Pass, remember that after the purchase of Zenimax Media, Doom, Wolfenstein games and more joined the Xbox Game Pass catalog, and it is very likely that once the purchase is completed we see Call of Duty games, Crash Bandicoot and more in this service . In related issues, Xbox has announced an event for Gamescom. Similarly, a new Xbox Elite 2 control has been leaked.

Editor’s note:

Although the Blizzard Activision Games at Xbox Game Pass, as well as the cloud, will surely increase the number of users of this service, talk about 100 million users is a lot, and even somewhat difficult to believe. The increase is not in doubt, but it will not be as great as some expect.

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