[PWS] 9 Match Victory This is the exquisite grenade of Zions Silki

GNL Esports

GNL E-Sports packed the chicken in PWS: Phase 2 Cliff Final 3 Week 9 Match.

On the 7th, the 2022 Pub Magazine Weekly Series (PWS) Phase 2 Phase 2nd Click Final 3 weeks 2 matches were held online.

Weekly Finals included 16 teams in eight teams, four teams in Japan, and four teams in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Korea participated in eight teams including Guangdong Prix, Gibli Esports, Zenji, Maru Gaming, Damwon Kia, Go & Go Prince, Hunger, and GNL. In Japan, Donuts Usji, Enterprise Setty Six, Socul, V-Three Fox, and Taiwanese areas were featured in the Global E-Sports Exit, Cat, Sweet Baby, and Dandle Strike.

The 8-match magnetic field is formed of Erangel Pochalki. At the beginning of the game, Zenji and Gibli Esports played in a big house. Gibli ‘Toshi’ overpowered Zenji ‘Spear’, and since then, Zenji has been completed at a quick backup of Gibbli.

However, Gibli was beaten by Maru Gaming on the go through the vehicle, and was summarized by Go & Go Prince ‘Zenith’.

Guangdong Prix also suffered great damage on the go. Donuts Usji ‘Americano’ and ‘Con’ were the main blow.

In the 4th field complex, Damwon Gia and Pearpa were engaged in the battle. In the midst of the exchange of people with each other, all of the donuts were eliminated.

TOP4 survived GNE Sports, Go & Go Prince, Maru Gaming and Guangdong Prix. Maru Gaming and Guangdong Prix had a big loss of personnel through a series of engagements, followed by the fastest dropout in the TOP4 confrontation. In the confrontation between GNL and Go & Go, GNL ‘Silki’ finished the opponent by catching Go & Go ‘Minuda’ and ‘Hwarang’ as grenades.

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