Stray: these are the best mods to turn the protagonist cat into anything else

Since the launch of Stray, has not stopped talking about the most adorable kitten in the video game industry. It is true that being able to embody a red feline in a video game, makes me want to do it. But Stray is much more than that, it is also more than endearing robotic characters, a moving story and graphics that will immerse you in a perfectly done futuristic environment.

Players love it, and the numbers show it. In full form, the game obtained a 98 % of positive criticism in Steam, surpassing God of War and the addictive Powerwash Simulator. **

But while the game seems attractive, its feline protagonist leaves some players perplex


Although he looks like the protagonist of Stray thanks to the beautiful red fur of him, Garfield is quite different. The hero of Jim Davis’s comics reaches this post-epocalyptic world that totally clashes with his usual comfort. Goodbye television and lasagna , Garfield will have to perform stunts worthy of a real feline to return to the surface world.

The tired look of him and his white belly will convince you so that you throw the adventure with the most lazy cat. The Garfield mod is available here.



Total appearance change, now let’s move on to a mod that allows you Only a mod that modifies the texture of the protagonist), but can make the mortal jumps present in the game.

This mod transforms all the cats of the game into Spyro and other dragons of the same type, and thus, the first game of the game becomes very coherent… and adorable! The Mod Spyro is available here.

María de los Aristagatos

For a more delicate adventure, we strongly recommend this mod that allows to play as Maria de los Aristagatos . Its creator, Huckpie, said:Everyone wants to be a cat, and I thought I should incorporate Maria into this game, because she reminded me of my parents to Tokyo Disneyland a few years ago. It is very popular in Japan due to your association with everything kawaii._

Therefore, we remain in the feline domain and in that of absolute tenderness. The Mod Marie is available here.


To complete our selection of the most hairy stray mods, here you have a cat… No hairy! You read well, it is possible to turn the protagonist of the game into a Sphynx. Thus, your feline will surely pass a little cold in the sewers of the world below, and the only dress of him will be his expensive backpack.

The Sphynx Mod is available here.

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