Will Rick and Michonne return to The Walking Dead?

Since Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira left The Walking Dead, fans have been waiting for news about their return to the program. Fortunately, information about this retaliation was finally revealed during the Comic-Con de San Diego of 2022. Here is everything you need to know about the future of the program, including the big question: Will Rick and Michonne return to The Walking Dead ?

Are Rick dead at The Walking Dead?

The answer is no, Rick is not dead. . In fact, after years of rumors and plans on film adaptations, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira revealed that both Rick and Michonne return to The Walking Dead in a derived series. Gurira tells fans that she believes that they owe the community to complete the trip of both characters.

Together with Danai, Lincoln states: Personally, I don’t see the time to put my cowboy boots again. He continues to say that he is anticipating the meeting with the rest of the program characters, insinuating that other famous cast members could join the list.

Based on the Walking Dead panel on SDCC, the program without title will deal with Michonne’s search to find Rick, hoping to clarify some questions about the destiny of the two characters.

When does the AMC spin-off series come out and how long?

Michonne Grimes will return in a series derived from 6 episodes in 2023! Ah, yes, one or two of you asked something about bringing Rick back? He is also in this! pic.twitter.com/gadatgasdj

-The Walking Dead (@thewalkingdead) July 22, 2022

Tea The series derived from Michonne Grimes (including Rick) will be broadcast in 2023 and will have six episodes. Although there is no official release date, fans are more than happy to have this surprising debut in AMC and AMC+.

If you need a review of what happened to the two notable characters, we will provide a quick synopsis of your last appearance in the program.

What happened to Rick and Michonne in The Walking Dead?

The last appearance of Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead was in season 9, Episode 5, where he tried to find his family, reflecting his first episode of the series. During this search, he hallucinates many people from his past, such as Shane Walsh and Hershel Greene.

Unfortunately, a herd of walkers begins to approach Rick, just when he sees the people he loves. In his last position, he triggers a dynamite box to destroy the walkers, which makes the nearby characters think he is dead. But, luckily, Jadis rescues him and takes it by helicopter.

The story continues when Michonne discovers evidence that Rick is still alive in season 10, episode 13. After finding a drawing of her and Judith on an old phone, she realizes that he survived the explosion and tells her daughter about this surprising revelation. Then, Judith begs him to find him, and Michonne undertakes a new mission to find her beloved husband, thus beginning the chain of events in the derived series.

So, there you have it, Rick and Michonne will finally return to The Walking Dead . Before leaving, you can see our additional content about the franchise looking at the full trailer for The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners-Chapter 2 and the compatibility of the game with PSVR2. Be sure to explore any of the relevant links below.

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