Too spicy typing game MONDAYS is available for free. If you hit a business email and make a mistake, a Greek man fell on the rocks

Typing sysim Mondays: a SiSyphean Typing Game is being released on The compatible platform is a PC ( and supports the browser. No account is required, and anyone can play for free.

MONDAYS: A SISYPHEAN TYPING GAME is a typing station that just drives business emails. When the game starts, an ancient Greek-style man and his huge rocks are as large as his height. Each time you enter the English sentence of the theme, a man pushes the rock up and climbs the mountain. If you make a type of type or succeed in entering a single email, the man rolls down from the mountain he climbed with the rock. You can get a salary (coin) according to the number of characters entered so far, and you can purchase items. Then climb the mountain again from the beginning and type email.

The uppercase, symbols, and space included in the theme need to be input correctly. Even if the input interval is too cautious, the man cannot support the rock and ends. If the theme is difficult, you can change it by paying 50 coins. Coins are required to change the theme, but even if you make a mistake, the range you entered up to that point can be obtained as a salary, so it is difficult and does not get stuck. Apart from the problem of mentally painful.

At the shop, you can purchase decorative items with salary coins. However, most items are rock decoration items for some reason. Also, if you purchase a job upgrade, you will get longer emails. I wonder if the efficiency of earning coins will be better, and the basic rate of one character = one coin is the same. Because one email becomes longer, the loss when it fails increases. Patience is required.

The player is a corporate employee, and the theme to enter is a business email format. Starting with I am indebted and to all employees, it is connected with words such as Seriginal XX (player name) and Send from iPh1. However, the most important content is that there is a lot of tsukkomi to be called business email. For example, those that are not enough to contact by e-mail such as I used up the stapler needles, please lend me, those with thin content instead of esoteric words lined up, If you read this email, delete this email. Please have a wide variety of content, such as suspicious things that are written. Each time you enter a letter, you often get a sense of weakness. It is necessary to enter a fixed sentence or name such as the above-mentioned remoteure one by 1. Naturally, it is a typing game, but it is a place where you can realize how much it has been supported by the automatic input function of email software.

The title SISYPHEAN means labor or fracture loss. As a punishment for deceiving God, Greek mythology, Sishapos, was ordered to carry rocks on the mountains. Even if the rock is carried, the myth of Sischipos, which had to continue working because the rock falls down as soon as it is carried, is used as a metaphor for inefficient hard work. In this work, modern businessmen who are busy with a large amount of email processing after the holidays may be overlapping with Sispos. It is an ironic and humorous work, including visuals with Greek mythology as motifs.

MONDAYS: A SISYPHEAN TYPING GAME is available on ITCH.IO for PCs for PCs. You can easily play with a browser, so if you are interested, why not play it?

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