[Indie Language] In the 90s, he became a newspaper editor -in -chief, lets create a journalism.

In May, there was a unique game with only a trailer at Indie Craft. It was a simple title with black and white dot graphics with a live-action photo with a red and red color. It might have just passed, but the stimulating title written on the first page of the newspaper and the trailer with the reactions of those who read the newspaper were strangely attractive.

So I surveyed the game. Not long after it was released, I could not get a lot of information, but I thought it was unique because it was not unique because the simple title, concise explanation, and the direction of direct newspapers were not unique. So I wanted to talk about it and find out about the game. Ahead of the launch of the first work, Editor’s Editor, we talked with the representative of DT, a representative of the indie game developer, DTATRE Games.

Text thriller that makes change in the direction of the player

The editor-in-chief is a game where players become editor-in-chiefs of newspapers in Seoul in 1996 and determine the direction of the news according to their intentions. Depending on the direction the player edits the article, the article may inform the public the truth, or write an article that represents the interests of newspapers, specific organizations, or corporate interests. The direction of delivering information depends on the player’s choice. The articles published through this one-time refining are made by making a divergence and various results by changing various military and society, such as newspapers, related figures, certain organizations, and companies.

The story begins by writing a suspicion that a strong suspect is his chief aide after a member of the lawmakers. Before writing the article, the player meets a person involved in the murder of a parliamentary murder, proceeds to get information, and traces the culprit.

If you receive a photo related to the case during the coverage, you can explore multiple clues. The question arising from the search is to ask a question to the opponent who provided the photo and get the answer. Based on this information, you can determine the direction of the article according to the player’s judgment. The photographs that will be carried on the first page can be determined by editing, reducing, and moving according to the direction and intention of the article determined.

The player can take several actions in the process of finding clues and continuing the coverage, and the behavior affects the conversation opponents and gradually changes the next dialogue. After completing the article, the article will be evaluated by the public. The player confirms the opinions of the public who have been edited or opposed to the article or opposing the direction of the article, and affects the next article.

Editing does not affect the ending. As the job where relationships and information is important is ‘journalist’, the player’s editor-in-chief has the relationship figures for each character. This figure changes according to the direction of the article determined by the player and the vagina exchanged, and acts as an important part of changing the event or ending.

Gameability established with a clear purpose and goal

The game may seem to be a political thriller genre if you look at only the main keywords, such as media, lawmakers, events, etc. Unexpectedly, however, the game takes a lot of atmosphere in addition to political materials, depending on the direction the player chose. (Unlike keywords), the contents of political power struggles are not big, and I want you to watch it as a general thriller or drama.

The developer thought that before the game became embodied, it would be fun to deliver various intentions depending on the original image from the original. It was the editor-in-chief of the newspaper that I thought about the story made based on this system. It is judged that it will be the most appropriate role in showing the influence of an image edited by the player’s intention. After deciding on the theme and flow of the game, I decided to artwork. The black and white live-action photographs similar to the newspaper photos of the game, the background of the game, were given a limited color implementation and dot with a retro game, and the graphics that attracted attention were completed.

The most concerned part was the story delivery. As the game flows around text, I had to find a way to relieve tiredness and boredom. The way the developer chose was to continue to stimulate the player’s senses. The overall story development speeded up the excitement of the story, and it was possible to constantly intervene and think about the choice elements of the conversation such as coverage and investigation.

I hope you can meet the unique visuals of ‘Decatry’ in the future

The reason why the developer DT participated in the indie craft with the first work was because of the rich support program. The developer says that it is especially positive that it is open to the public by using online spaces such as the indiecraft main page and virtual booth. However, it was still under development, and this time it was difficult to participate in the support program, so if you have a chance, you will apply with the beta version.

In addition to the editor-in-chief, the developer said, In addition to the editor-in-chief, there are some projects that have stayed in a few ideas. I want to make a visual unique game by adding interesting stories based on a different system. In addition, he said he wanted to make other works through the positive achievements of the editor.

The editor-in-chief, who is developing with the goal of launching in the second half of 2022, will support PCs and mobile. In addition, if the performance is good after the launch, he also wanted to proceed with the Nintendo Switch Porting. I hope that he will be able to read it as soon as possible after finishing the lonely editing of the editor.

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