Best Hades Subject Guide

In this leadership of Hades Best Items, we will give you a brief presentation of all the items that you can find, crawling around the underground world in the last Rogalik game from Supergiant Games, Hades.

We will tell you what every item looks like and how these objects can help you defeat the endless hordes of the monsters that Hades throws you.

Hade Best objects

There are many collection objects and bonuses scattered on the map in Aida.

Items include artifacts such as nectar, ambrosia, hearts of centaurs, diamonds, titanium blood and much more.

Bonuses include objects for the Haron store and much more. In this leadership, we will list all the objects, their symbols, so that you can easily identify them and where they can be found in Aida.


First, we will list artifacts that can be obtained as a reward for cleaning the room. These items will be preserved, even if you die, but the bonuses that they give will be lost.

Osol Harona

_Simvol:Golden coin with red glyph

_SOPLATION:This item is used to buy objects, including skills and temporary bonuses, in the Haron well or in the Haron store.

_Vatiness:using the haron wrestling, you can sell objects purchased in the cleansing pool; which is found in random cases in certain rooms or transition zones.

_ With death:Lose all gold.

Centavor of the heart

  • _Simvol:Blue heart with red glyph
  • _Palize:increases your maximum HP, and also heals you for this amount.
  • _Vas:restoration of health lost because of this.
  • _ With death:Lose all additional HP added by Centaur Hearts.

Remember strength

  • Symbol: Fruit
  • _SOPLATION:This item is used to improve skills and blessings that already exist in your inventory.
  • _Vas:you can choose the types of skills that you want to increase.
  • _ With death:after death, all the improvements that you received from Poms of Power will be lost.

Hammer Daedalus

  • _Shimvol:hammer
  • _SPOLLY:improves the characteristics of the attack of weapons.
  • _Vas:The style of the play of your weapons will be completely changed when you improve the characteristics of the attack of your weapon, which will give you more options for testing when using weapons.
  • _ With death:after death, all the improvements that you received from the hammer of Daedalus. will be lost.


  • _Simvol:Green, yellow and red precious stones
  • _SOPLASE:Precious stones are used to unlock the improvements of the HUSHID house using a home contractor.
  • _Vas:This item can be exchanged for other Hades items in Wretched Broken in the living room of House of Hades.

Crystals of darkness

  • _Simvol:purple crystalline tear
  • _SOPLATE:These crystals are used to buy improvements through the mirror of the night in the bedroom of the heating.
  • _Vas:provides early updates from the Mirror of the Night.

htonic keys

  • _Simvol:purple key
  • _SOPLATE:These keys will help you unlock improvements for the mirror of the night and hellish weapons for heating in the training area.
  • _Vas:Get an additional authority of fate, collecting the keys of fate.

Fateful power / fateful belief

  • _Simvol:hexagonal cube
  • _Palize:throw the existing/possible reward.


  • _Simvol:bottle with orange liquid
  • _Palize:is given to the gods and other characters for obtaining a souvenir (relic).
  • _Vas:Aida can be presented to nectar for an additional dialogue.


  • _Simvol:really bizarre bottle filled with orange liquid
  • _SOPLASE:This item is mainly used to unlock hired allies.
  • _Vas:Rare artifact.


  • _Shimvol:Well, this is a diamond.
  • _Palize:unlocking the improvements of the House Contractor.

Blood titanium

  • _Simvol:Drops of blood with a gold ring with spikes
  • _SOPLATE:This item is used to unlock new functions of your weapon and helps in improving your hellish weapons.



Prometheus stone

  • _ Expenses:50 golden
  • _ Distribution:6 rooms
  • _ Effect:+1 cartridge to casting skill
  • It is extremely useful, especially if you are focused on using skills, such as Slicing Shot or Ice Wine.

Switch Atlas

  • _ Expenses:20 golden
  • _ Distribution:6 rooms
  • _ Effect:+50% to damage from skills
  • It is extremely useful, especially if you are focused on using skills, such as Slicing Shot or Ice Wine.

Ariadne’s yarn

  • _ Expenses:70 gold
  • _ Difficulty:Active after receiving.
  • _ Effect:The next gift that you find has a higher rarity.
  • In combination with the souvenir of the Olympic, which guarantees the following good, you can get an epic or heroic skill.

Essence of life

  • _ Expenses:variable
  • _ Difficulty:Active after receiving.
  • _ Effect:restores up to 30% of your health.
  • Quick and cheap treatment.
    Centivar Soul
  • _ Expenses:100 golden
  • _ Difficulty:Active after receiving.
  • _ Effect:+25 to maximum health;
    does not restore HP.
    Styx kiss
  • _ Expenses:200 golden
  • _ Difficulty:Active after receiving.
  • _ Effect:+1 replenishment of the charge Death Defiance.

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