Todays Scientific Wordle July 11: clues and solution to the word

It’s July 11 and that means being able to face a new Wordle challenge both in its normal version and in other similar games. In the following guide we are going to show you all the tips, clues and the solution to guess today’s Wordle Scientist word.

Scientific Wordle today July 11

Today’s word, July 11, corresponds to challenge #120 and is made up of a total of six letters. In the case of the Scientific Wordle you have to get a word that is related to science, but it is not necessary that the first one you write is scientific.

Therefore, you can put the word you want just to get letters or to guess the placement of each 1. If it comes out green, it is that you have hit the place where the letter in question is located, while the yellow color indicates that the place is incorrect, but if it comes out gray, that particular letter does not exist.

Clues for today’s word from the Scientific Wordle

After explaining the rules, these are the clues for today’s Scientific Wordle, July 11:

  • It is made up of three vowels.
  • It is made up of three consonants.
  • One letter is repeated
  • Between the letters there is an A and a C.
  • Starts with V.
  • Produces antibodies.


Solution for today’s word from the Scientific Wordle

If with the clues you do not get it, the word of the Scientific Wordle of July 11 is the following:


And here you have its meaning :

A vaccine is a preparation designed to generate acquired immunity against a disease by stimulating the production of antibodies.

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