Release for PS for the phantom card game InsCryption that has attracted attention! The functions unique to the PS5 version are also …

Indie game developer Daniel Mullins has announced that it will release the mysterious card game Inscryption for PS4/PS5.

This work is a psycho horror game that combines elements such as rogue light, deck-built card game, and escape game. Players play in a dark hut with a creepy character called Receie with card games to explore hidden secrets. It has been a big topic since it was released for PC last October, and sales exceeded 1 million in less than three months. Steam was overwhelmingly popular, and was highly evaluated for gaming awards such as GDC and IGF.

The PS5 version, which has been released this time, has a limited function. There is something that enhances immersion, such as the conversation card Okojo that appears in the player’s hand talking from the controller speaker, and the light of the controller becomes a color that reproduces the lights in the game. In addition, you can also feel the cruel acts in the work with the haptic feedback.

The release time of InsCryption for PS4/PS5 is undecided. The PC version is being distributed to Steam/Epic Games Store/

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