Words with 5 letters that begin with Flu – Help of the Wordle game

To give your hand that you need so much and help you continue with your streak, we have every 5-letter word that begins with flu that you can enter the game below.

Today’s Word response is a bit strange. It could be said that it is one of the most difficult that the game has offered with a word in which many people will not even think.

All five-letter words that begin with ‘Flu’

There are only 16 5-letter words that begin with flow that are recognized by Wordle and can be sent in response. These are:

  • Failures
  • fluid
  • flow
  • Fluff
  • liquid
  • Chance
  • Chance
  • Artificial channel
  • Fall with noise
  • thrown off
  • lay off
  • fluoride
  • rinse
  • flute
  • Similar to flute sound
  • Flow

Once you have found the word you want to try from the previous list, simply tear it with the on-screen keyboard (or that of your PC/laptop) and then press the ‘enter’ key or the button in the lower left. corner of the hand.

Since there are only 16 possible words that could be, it should not take long to find out what it is, especially if you have already used some conjectures to eliminate other common letters in the previous words.

The letters that become green are in today’s Wordle response and are also in the right position. The letters that become yellow appear in the answer, but are not in the right position.

That is all you need to know about the 5-letter words that begin with flow to try them in Wordle . Are you looking for more help with broad-based riddles? Be sure to check the links below.

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