Monster Sanctuary extends with new free content for PC and consoles, Forgotten World

Companies me Rai Games and Team17 announced this Thursday, June 30, 2022, the addition of the biggest DLC of this game to date. Forgotten World will include among others:

-Dix new monsters, including five created by the community;

-new outfits;

-78 new skills;

-13 new objects;

-The new game modes (Randomizer, Bravery Mode & Permadeath);

Information on updates is available on the Team17 website.

For those who do not know what the game consists of, see some characteristics of the game:

Overcome and collect monsters : large and small creatures are available to collect and fight, and can be improved via deep skills trees to unlock new and powerful capacities


Master the sanctuary of monsters : a mysterious force threatens peace between monsters and humans, players will explore and reveal the secrets strewn around the world

Fight in 3V3 tactical fights: the lists of monster players can fight AI or other players in a turn-based 3V3 system, using elementary attacks and combos with a devastating effect.

Discover a deep world of Metroidvania : from the depths of the underground world to the heights of the snow-capped peaks, there is a lot to explore and hidden areas to discover using the skills of monsters.

Objects and equipment profusely : players will find a plethora of useful objects scattered around the world to help them in their trip.

Here is the DLC trailer:

Although the update is available for free, the game as such is available at a cost of $ 19.99. To have more information on the game as well as to keep you informed of any update, n ‘ Do not hesitate to like the game on Facebook platforms, Twitter and Discord.

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