How to get a free Baneful Fox Mask Free in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Want to learn How Download the Shiny Baneful Fox mask in Pokemon Legends Arceus * and improve your style at least 1000 percent? Well, we have you covered. Here you will find everything you need to know to get this unique article.

How to get a free Baneful Fox Mask Free in Pokémon Legends Arceus

The players have fallen in love with Hisuian Zorua and his brilliant form is no exception. While the Baneful Fox Mask base color was available for players who reserved the game, the deadline to receive that gift has already passed.

Fortunately, the mask has returned in a brilliant way. This gift was released to commemorate Pokémon’s final episode: Special Animated Hisuian Snow. If you are ready to be part of the great children, follow the instructions below to get your mask now.


Steps to download the Shiny Baneful Fox mask:

  • Open the menu

Press up at the Joy-Left or press up on the D-Pad of the professional controller to open the menu.

* Go to the Communications tab

Use ZR or ZL to navigate to the Communications tab.

* Select mysterious gifts

Press A to select mysterious gifts in the Communications tab.

* Select Get through the Internet

Use the superior option, obtain through the Internet, to connect to the Internet and select among the available mysterious gifts.

Download Gift Clothes

Press A to select clothing gift and download the Funesto fox mask.

* Go to your mirror to try it.

Go to the back room of your player’s house and approach the mirror to change. At the bottom of the hat menu, you can find the Shiny Baneful Fox mask and put it on.

Release date of the Shiny Baneful Fox mask

You will be able to get the brilliant pernicious fox mask between now and June. 1, 2023 . The prize will be available for almost a year, so be sure to pick it up before the deadline passes.

That is all you need to know about How Download the Shiny Baneful Fox mask in Pokemon Legends Arceus . To get more tips and tricks, see all the related articles we have below.

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