Naraka: Hanging BladePoint, failure and correction of stuttering

If you are one of many players who experience painful stuttering during the game in Naraka: BladePoint, or if you belong to the group of losers whose game freezes or crashes when starting, you have nothing to worry about, since we have prepared this leadership. For you, where we will show you what exactly you need to do if Naraka: BladePoint freezes, stutter or flies out when starting.

Naraka: Hanging bladePoint, failure when starting and fixing stuttering

Before we delve into the corrections of hanging, stuttering and failures for Nakara: BladePoint, let’s take a look at the system requirements for the game to compare your computer.

If your computer does not meet the recommended requirements, you will have to change game settings so that Naraka: BladePoint works properly. If your computer meets the above system requirements, but Naraka: BladePoint still continues to hang or slow down during the game, or if the game simply crashes when launch, the corrections listed below will most likely solve these problems for you.

Make a clean installation of graphic processor drivers

If you have not completed the clean installation of the drivers of the graphic processor, this may be the main cause of freezes/freezes or failures that you encountered in the drivers of the graphic processor. Each time you update your drivers, without deleting the previous, unnecessary files begin to slowly accumulate, which can lead to freezing and hanging.

Therefore, perform a clean cleaning of the drive processor drivers using an application for removing display drivers, and then repeatedly load the drivers from the NVIDIA or AMD website.

never click Alt + Tab while playing Naraka: BladePoint

It is known that pressing the ALT + TAB key combination to switch to another program during the game increases the delay in the game and the frame time in these games, and Naraka: BladePoint is no different.

Therefore, if you often press Alt + Tab during the game in Naraka: BladePoint, this will probably make your game work more slowly and less responsive; And this may even be the reason that the game continues to freeze and stutter for you. Therefore, avoid using Alt + Tab during playing Naraka: BladePoint.

update Windows

Recently released games, such as Naraka: BladePoint, are always optimized for the latest version of Windows. Therefore, if you have not updated Windows for a long time, this can be the reason for the problems with the game.

To update Windows, go to the Start menu and click the Settings. Click Update and Security, and then click Check the availability of updates. After installing the update, reboot the computer and run the game.

Disable the sound service before starting

Another way to fix the problems with Naraka: BladePoint is to disable your computer’s sound service before starting the game.

To do this, press the Windows key on the keyboard and enter Services and press the input. In the window that opens, scroll down and find the service with the name Windows Audio. Click on Windows Audio to highlight it, then click Stop the Service on the left menu.

As soon as you do this, turn the window and run Naraka: BladePoint. After starting the game, you can restart Windows Audio service to turn on the sound again. This will probably solve the problem with freezing.

set/Restore Visual C ++ files

Visual C ++ files are libraries that are necessary for many applications for proper operation. Over time, your Visual C ++ files can be outdated or even damaged, so it is recommended to restore them if you have not done this for a long time.

Go to this website and download versions of Visual C ++ files for X86 and X64. After downloading files.exe, open them and click Restore if you do not see the installation option.

If you see the installation option, click on it and wait for the completion of the process. As soon as this is done, reboot the computer and run Naraka: BladePoint.

* Verification of game and system files

Some of the Naraka: Game Files files could be damaged while downloading the game, which may be the reason that you are stuttering and failure. But do not worry, since you do not need to completely reinstall the game to solve this problem.

To fix the game files, open your Steam library and click Naraka: BladePoint with the right mouse button, then click the Properties. In the window that opens, click on the Local Files tab on the left, and then click Check the integrity of the game files.

As soon as you do this, Steam will begin to check your game files to see if something is lost or damaged. When checking the game files is completed, start the game and see if your problem is eliminated.

If this method does not work, system files may be damaged, not the game files. To restore system files, press the Windows key and enter CMD to open the command line.

On the command line enter SFC/Scannow to start scanning your PC. If damaged files are found, they will be restored.

Run the game on the selected graphic processor

If you play the game on a gaming laptop with a graphic processor allocated for games, Naraka: BladePoint may actually not work on this selected video card. Instead, the game can work on the built-in graphic laptop processor, which is designed for tasks that are not related to games.

To make sure that the game works on the selected graphic processor, press the Windows key, find the graphics settings and click Enter.

In the window that appears, click the review and find the folder in which Naraka is installed: blackepoint. It should be in Steamlibry> Steamapps> Common> Naraka BladePoint.

In this folder, click the file.exe games to add it. As soon as it is added to the list, click on it, and then click on the parameters. You will have three options: Let it solve Windows, energy conservation and high performance.

In order for the game to work on the highlighted graphic processor of your laptop, press high performance and click Entering.

Close all background applications and run the game on behalf of the administrator.

Press the Windows key and open the settings. In the search field, enter background applications and click on it. In this new window, disconnect the parameter Allow applications to work in the background. This guarantees that no applications operating in the background are consumed by the power of your processor/graphic processor while you play Naraka: BladePoint.

As soon as this is done, open your Steam library and click the Naraku with the right mouse button. Pull the cursor to the control and click View local files.

Now click the right-click. EXE-file of the game and select Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab and set the Run program on behalf of the administrator before click Apply. After you have done it all, start the game, and you will notice a significant increase in FPS and the general smoothness of the game.

highlight more virtual memory

Virtual memory is an area on a hard drive that Windows uses as if it were RAM. The disadvantage of virtual memory can cause all kinds of problems in games.

Press the Windows + R key to open the Perform dialog box, and enter sysdm.cpl (without quotes) and click Enter. In the window that opens, go to the Additionally tab and click Parameters of performance.

Click on the Additionally tab again, and you will see how much virtual memory you have.

To select more VM, click Change, and then remove the Automatically control the size of the podgy file for all disks.

Now you need to enter the initial (minimum) and the maximum size of the pumping file. Ideally, the initial size should be 1.5 times larger than the amount of RAM, and the maximum size should be 3 times larger than the size of the RAM.

After you introduce the appropriate values, click install and then OK. After that, reboot the computer before starting Naraka: BladePoint.

do a clean load

One of the background applications or services can be busy with Naraka: BladePoint, causing freezing/stuttering/failure. To find out what background application/service causes this, you need to perform clean loading. To do this, press the Windows key and enter msconfig before pressing the input.

Go to the Service tab, and then click Hide all Microsoft services below. After that, click Disable everything before use. Now open the tasks dispatcher and go to the Automobile tab. Disconnect all the launched applications before rebooting the computer to perform clean download.

Now run Naraka: BladePoint to find out if your problem is eliminated. If so, this means that the problem was caused by one of these background applications/services. Now you need to find out what kind of application or service it was. To do this, open msconfig again and click Hide all Microsoft services, as you did before.

You will need to turn on the services in sets of 3 or 5, then restart the computer and start Naraka to understand this. As soon as Naraka begins to stutter again, this means that the application in the current set that you turned on is a criminal.

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