Takahashi master also appears! Super Noda Game WORLD Unusual Recording Game Release

Kayak Co., Ltd. and Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. have released a new party game Super Noda Game WORLD for Nintendo Switch.

R-1 Guran Puri 2020 champion & M-1 Grand Prix 2020 winner, Magical Love Crystal, and Hiroyuki Goto, a game creator, who is the creator of Puzzle’s Puzzle His Mojipan. This work is working on production. Not only funds but also materials are procured by crowdfunding, and games that are motifs of large investors such as Chidori Nobu, AKRACING, and Cygames are recorded.

[Battle game]

Everyone’s Horgee Leather

The material Sspower that was shown at the M-1 Grand Prix supports online matches! You can play 20 matches with the maximum person. Additional gimmicks such as tunnels and slopes are added. In this work, you can select a stage from about 40 routes in Japan and overseas.

Great brawl block stirring

The arrangement version of the familiar Noda game Block Kuzushi. Compared to the previous work, the stage has increased, and gimmicks such as items have been added. Operate the deckchan to keep it from hitting the ball. When hitting the ball, the deckchan becomes huge and becomes more and more disadvantageous.

Evil Bath

It is a card game Evil Bath that can be squid. Do the squid without barre while operating your hands, such as pull two cards secretly or take away the opponent’s physical strength. If you point out Ikasama, you will receive a penalty.


The long stage of the horizontal scrolling shooting game fits on one screen. You can also aim for the last boss from the starting point. The two players are in a format that shoots each other.

Shogi III

This is Shogi III following Shogi II, which was born after a thousand years. Operate the character on the board and place a shogi frame to explode. Learning the explosion varies depending on the type of frame is the key to victory.

[1 player game]

Shin-NOBU ~

This is an action game set in a different world, where Chidori Nobu was born by investment, and Nobu is active as the protagonist. When the damage is taken, it is weakened by Yoroi → plain clothes → pants 1. We aim to clear various enemies and gimmicks.

You don’t have to gather by force, he is an animal country

This is a first-person game (FPS) where you take a walk through fields such as forests and deserts and shoot free animals with a camera. More than 300 animals that appear are photos of pets of investors. The animals found will be stored in the Animal Picture Book.

[Battle game (offline)]

Ashi Kogi Racing

This is a racing game where you sit in a gaming chair. Run through courses such as circuits and mountain roads while using reclining to kick the ground and reduce air resistance in a timely manner.

Super voice weakness

It is a nervous breakdown using audio. When you flip the card, you can learn the flowing sound and add the same sound. As the level rises, there will also be a stage of absolute pitch that distinguishes the pitch of the piano, and a unique stage that only appears only by specific entertainers, such as a motorcycle Kawasaki motorcycle.

THE continuous shooting

It is a game that collaborates with that Takahashi master and competes for the speed of firing. Those who can fire more buttons in the time limit win. You can also play against Master Takahashi (COM).

Is it thin?

. Be careful as eating something that is not food will make you lose weight.

Sorting shiwake

The postal sorting that Noda Crystal used to work part-time was made into a game. It is a game where you look closely at the address written in the postcard and sort it correctly within the time limit.


A fast-paced game that takes the specified dish faster than anyone from the dishes that flowing in the front and back lanes one after another. The dynamic vision is tested.

[Games scheduled to be added by update]

Dynamic / class / raw

Gakuen love simulation game that only appears animals

The entertainer

Simulation game that enlarges the office as a manager of an entertainer office


Cloud fantasy

RPG of a large household that allows you to fellow characters

The command is too long!

If the command input to give a skill is stuffy, a long fighting game

Macho Atsume

Negative macho training game

Tsume Atsume

Gal-based puzzle games that trace the same pattern nails

Super Noda Game WORLD will be released on July 28 for Nintendo Switch. It is said that 13 games will be recorded at the time of release and a total of 20 games will be recorded at a later date.

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