Emmy Award! Xbox 20 years of history Power On: The Story of Xbox -The backstory and black history

As a commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Xbox, Microsoft produced by Microsoft in 2021 and released on YouTube Power ON: The Story of Xbox is the Daym Emmy Award Outstanding Single-Camera Editing Award. Won the award.

The Story of Xbox, which consists of all six chapters, is a documentary work that covers Xbox’s 20-year history until Xbox starts and grows from a small group of Microsoft.
A huge amount of archive videos, including unreleased images from Microsoft storage, which were not excavated before the visualization project, interviews with people involved in Xbox development, back stories and black history at that time. Also introduced.

For example, Chapter 5 The Red Ring of Death has developed into a large-scale recall due to frequent failures in the early Xbox 360 in the enthusiastic demand of Xbox 360. You can know what was happening behind the scenes that lost the 160 million US dollar, which was the largest damage and trust ever.

  • Chapter 1: THE RENEGADES

  • Chapter 2: The Valentine’s Day Massacre

  • Chapter 3: And It Didn’t Turn on

  • Chapter 4: COOL… now?

  • Chapter 5: The Red Ring of Death

  • Chapter 6: TV… or Not TV

This series can be viewed on YouTube, The Roku Channel, Redbox, Microsoft, IMDBTV, etc.

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