Road to Pro: Maya Calys Henckel and the dream of the specialist

‘ Calys’ in her element.

She explains herself as determined, consistent and calm as well as additionally when this dream appeared far away for her, she seeks her objective: At the starting it was above all the enjoyable of having fun with pals that I appreciated however today is The competition element for me the very best component of the video game. She lastly recognized her possible concerning 5 years ago, when I began playing more ranking games with great results.

Born as well as increased in Stockholm, the 20-year-old was thinking about eSports early, she says in a meeting with us. The game of your option: League of Legends. At the age of 12 it was her older sister who takes her to the world of Moba.

… Today the affordable element for me is the finest component of the game

She only started consistently in 2015, when I located friends from school that likewise played Organization. In the exact same year she and also her father visited the LEC summer season finals in her home community. Eventually to be on stage himself, would have been a dream.

It opens her eyes: Training instructions left wing of her, a new video game begins. An additional practice to obtain closer to the desire: professional eSporters. ** By doing this, Twist eSport is currently coming with 2 players in 2 weeks via their obstacles. Among them is Maya ‘Calys’ Henckel.

If you are in emphasis and also everyone is constantly searching for the most awful in you, it can be hard to maintain a favorable mindset as well as concentrate

Maya ‘Calys’ Henckel

She closes her eyes: It is the last mins of a stressful game in League of Legends-the World Cup final! The game and event are won. Group participants jump up, bale the clenched fists, lie in their arms.


the greatest hurdle: positive self-image

She shuts her eyes: It is the last mins of a stressful game in League of Legends-the World Cup final! The video game and also competition are won. It opens her eyes: Training instructions on the left of her, a brand-new video game starts. The game of your choice: League of Legends. She just started on a regular basis in 2015, when I discovered friends from college that additionally played League.

I want to be the most effective, have fun with and also against the most effective.

Maya ‘Calys’ Henckel

Henckel when bouldering.

Your objective is plainly created: I intend to be the best, play with and also versus the most effective. From the grandstand in the center of the limelight. Up until then, nonetheless, it is still stated: be determined, tranquil and also relentless.

In the meanwhile, she can make a living with competitions on the EuW- Western Europe server-Hat getting to the Opposition ranking. If you are in focus and also every person is always looking for the worst in you, it can be tough to maintain a favorable perspective and also concentrate.

She bills her batteries with art as well as sporting activity: I’ve constantly suched as to draw, nowadays I climb up a lot in the hall, especially bouldering. As well as one more task in enhancement to League of Legends? There is no. I researched, however currently relax. Organization is what I do.

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