STARFIELD play video and a partner announcement of Hideo Kojima! Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase presentation content

On June 13, 2022, Microsoft’s announcement event Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase was held.

At the event, a lot of information was announced, including the first gameplay video of the expected Vethesda RPG STARFIELD and the coach Hideo Kojima is developing a new work in partnership with Xbox. In this article, we will review the contents of the presentation.

Presentation List

  • Open World CO-OP shooter REDFALL latest video release!

  • New video of the long-awaited sequel Hollow Knight: SILKSONG-Xbox Game Pass is also compatible

  • Kimokawa FPS HIGH ON LIFE sent by creators Rick and Morti will be released in October 2022

  • 5 PCs/mobile works of Riat Games such as Valorant and LOL will be distributed soon on Game Pass! Benefits such as all characters all characters

  • The adventure of siblings in the cruel world again A Plague Tale: Requiem latest game play video release Playig Tail-Innocence- sequel

  • Run the circuit with a beautiful graphic! Shinsei Forza Motorsport released in 2023

  • Pelican in HALO, can you go to space? Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Apde Information

  • Released on October 5, 2022 with free basic play!

  • Turn Base History Strategy ARA: History Untold Announcer Released

  • THE ELDER Scrolls: Online New expansion HIGH ISLE Trailer

  • Fallout 76 Large update THE PITT September distribution!

  • Refreshing aerial course expansion HOT WHEELS is announced in Forza Horizon 5 with over 20 million users.

  • Released in 2023! Expected survival ARK II new trailer release

  • Horror FPS ADV SCORN with a creepy worldview latest game play video release-October 21 will be released!

  • Domestic control of the battlefield with guns and magic! ARPG FLINTLOCK: THE SIEGE OF DAWN is released

  • Micra is an action strategy! Announcement of spin-off work Minecraft Legends

  • Japanese compatible! New video of the planetary agricultural ADV Lightyear Frontier

  • Kemoro Grite FPS GUNFIRE REBORN Xbox version will be released in October! Also supports Xbox Game Pass


  • Trailer release including game play, a self-proclaimed detective-possessed detective Metroidvania The Last Case of Benedict Fox

  • Interactive drama AS DUSK FALLS will be released on July 19! Former Quantic Dream staff

  • Campaign mode appears! Kenki Battrois NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Xbox version Released on June 23-Xbox Game Pass is also supported

  • Obsidian new RPG Pentiment, a newly used image of a colored photo-based adventure in Germany in Germany! Scheduled to be released in November 2022-Game play video release

  • Micro world survival GROUNDED officially decided in September 2022!

  • Stealth ACT EREBAN: Shadow Legacy that makes full use of shadow power and high-tech gets!

  • Series’s latest work Diablo IV will be released in 2023!

  • Pirate ADV SEA OF THIEVES season 7 trailers! Sing and introduction of new elements

  • Action ADV RAVENLOK, a girl fighting in the fairy tale world, released in 2023!

  • New ADV COCOON announced by developers of LIMBO and Inside! Scheduled to be released in 2023

  • Team Ninja New Dark Fantasy Later Han ACT WO LONG: FALLEN DYNASTY

  • Release for Persona 3P, Persona 4G, Persona 5R PC/Xbox! Also supports Xbox Game Pass

  • Director Hideo Kojima announces the development of a new game affiliated with Xbox Game Studios!

  • Expected Bethesda new work STARFIELD 15 minutes of first game play video!

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