Which Survival Games will Come in 2022?

2022 brings even more survival games to offer. In another article, we have already introduced you to upcoming survival games for 2022. But we also provide a small outlook here. We have already given you an insight into the gameplay of some new and already released survival games:

Sons of the Forest
The Forest is an enormously popular survival game and gets its successor with Sons of the Forest. Without spoiling too much, the second part seems to continue the story, and you return to the island – only this time as one of the eponymous sons of the protagonist from the first part. What we expect from Sons of the Forest:

  • crazy mutants and brutal cannibals as opponents
  • tricky survival through ammo shortage and tough bosses
  • a distinct crafting and building system
  • lots of exploration on a scary-beautiful tropical island
  • Interesting new gameplay by a mutant ally
  • gripping story

When is the release?
Sons of the Forest is scheduled for release in October 2022 after being postponed. Platforms have not yet been confirmed. The predecessor initially appeared on the PC 4 years later on the PlayStation. We’ll see how the successor looks. On 3THS, you will find everything about Sons of Forest’s release, story, and gameplay.

The indie game from Russia follows an extraordinary approach: Pioneer wants to be both a survival game and an MMORPG. You can customize weapons as you like and pay attention to the environment like in survival games, but also have character development and factions with a lot of story like in an MMORPG. The title is based heavily on the popular Stalker series and is set in the post-apocalyptic Soviet Union. Features include:

  • Focus on PvE and exploration
  • four different factions
  • Modification of weapons and extensive crafting system
  • The day and night cycle affects enemy behavior and strength
  • Raids and more dangerous areas where PvP should also be allowed

When is the release?
Pioneer is scheduled for release in 2022. An exact date is still pending.
If you like the idea of ​​Pioneer, also check out the SOTA 2 project, which is all about hardcore survival.

The new survival game Nightingale from the role-playing experts BioWare is scheduled to be released in 2022. This is somewhat reminiscent of Valheim with a different setting. As a planeswalker, you must seek a new sanctuary for humanity when a magical cataclysm destroys your homeworld. Nightingale offers:

  • a unique atmosphere in a dark, Victorian fantasy setting
  • wondrous fae beings as opponents
  • Base building and crafting of equipment like in Valheim, as well as growing fruits and vegetables
  • Co-op gameplay and defense against NPC invasions

When is the release?
So far, Nightingale has no release date but is scheduled to appear in 2022 for the PC in Early Access on Steam and Epic Games. You can register for a pre-test and information on the official website.

Now that ARK: Survival Evolved has almost been told, a second part is to appear. You will once again dive into a world full of dinosaurs, although little is known about the story so far. However, Hollywood star Vin Diesel appeared as one of the characters in the reveal trailer. From ARK 2, we expect:

  • a colorful world with different biomes
  • all kinds of dinos and creatures to fight and tame
  • a hidden story to be uncovered through mystery and discovery
  • high replay value and years of support with DLCs and updates

When and where is the release?
We don’t know when exactly ARK 2 will appear. The release is scheduled for 2022 on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Versions for PS4, PS5, and Xbox One have not yet been announced. Read more in our ARK 2 release, trailer, and gameplay hub.

STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl
Probably the most anticipated release for most fans is STALKER 2, the sequel to the famous survival game about Chornobyl – or Chornobyl in its Ukrainian spelling.
STALKER inspired many players in the past and encouraged several fans to develop games in a similar style. If the sequel is based on the first part, you will find in STALKER 2:

  • The dark, depressing mood
  • Game with dangerous radiation and crazy mutations
  • Interesting and diverse weapons
  • Gripping story
  • Full mod support

When and where will STALKER 2 be released?
STALKER 2 is scheduled for release on December 8th, 2022, for PC and Xbox as a Microsoft Exclusive. The release should come directly to the Xbox Game Pass. Rumor has it that the exclusivity will only last for three months.
Survival games are usually dark and challenging. They demand everything from you and force you to make decisions nobody likes to create. However, the game principle is generally well-received. Many survival games regularly have thousands of players, and new projects are constantly appearing that can last for a long time.

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