LOL: A King named The Kings who does not know the defeat in the Honor Division

The eleven dates of the Honor Division begins with games that seek to move things inside the tournament, the undefeated of the Kings is still standing but the horde seeks Teams that pass to the next phase are only to improve the place where they end for stage 2 of the tournament.

The first game faced Six Karma against Peek Gaming taking a Taliyah in the hands of Iceitower with which he would dominate the central part of the stage managing to lower the life bar of the rivals repeatedly, the green wave would take the lead from the beginning of the encounter Continuing with a rather intense rhythm with which they would manage to take the victory to the bag.

In the second meeting, Arctic Gaming would have a duel against Atomic where the power of the bomb would explode with the Samira de Luu that would get several murders early so that its climbing was advanced by putting the team to the ropes to the team of the team Lobos, a game that would be on the side of the bomb to be able to take the victory after 28 minutes.

For the third duel Zylant Gaming he faced The Kings in a rematch where the horde sought to destroy the streak of the Kings, a game that Limitations would take on his back with Kai´s’s power to manage life Of the rivals being protected by his teammates, the current champion would achieve power in clear and destroy Zylant’s hopes.

Closing the day we see Tomorrow eSports against Atheris starting with the selection of Kalist that with a deployment of T2E’s ability would end up ending in his favor.

Thus concluded on the 11th day within the Mexican League with the power of the kings deployed and making it clear that there is not yet a team that can stop them, the games move the table a bit with the team of tomorrow to tie in the second place with Zylant, with fewer days available and several teams are positioned for the next phase.

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