Marvel found a director for a movie about thunderbers

According to Deadline, Marvel chose the director for the Thunderers. The presentation of Jack Schreyer (shameless, joking) was so impressed by the leadership that the project was immediately a priority.

The company plans to start shooting next summer and already calls the actors from MCU. The team of villains, anti-heroes and criminals can get to Baron Zemo, Elena Belova, a ghost, Taskmaster, an abomination, an agent of the United States and a winter soldier who have already lit up on the screen. In the comics, the detachment is led by General Ross, who turned into a red Hulk, and it included the punisher, Venom, Electra and Deadpool.


The scenario of the tape, rumors about which have been going on for some time, will write Eric Pieron (Black Widow).

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