How to play on a network with friends in The Quarry

Although The Quarry, in fact, is the plot horror game for one player, it also has some aspects of a multiplayer game. The game gives you the opportunity to play with a group of friends if you want to survive the drama together. Here’s how you can play The Quarry with several players.

How to play in a cooperative with friends in The Quarry


You can play the Quarry with your friends in two different ways, which we described in detail below:

  • Cooperative on the couch or local cooperative
  • Online game or multiplayer game

How does the local cooperative work in The Quarry?

As the name implies, in a local cooperative mode you and your friends can play the game together locally. Up to eight players can sit and play in a cooperative on the couch in The Quarry. During the game, just transfer the controller to the player whose character is played on the screen.

How to play in a cooperative on the couch in The Quarry

In the main menu of the game, go to the Cooperative on the couch and appoint a game character to each player. You can also change the accessibility parameter for each individual player and character separately from the menu.

How does the network multiplayer mode work in The Quarry?

In the multi-user online mode of The Quarry, the host controls the character throughout the game. Other players who have joined the game can vote for each solution ** and actions as the plot develops. The outcome of each choice is determined by the decision of most votes.

Nevertheless, the game development studio postponed the launch of online games until July 8, as it has not yet been perfection. They revealed this information through the last month.

How many people can play a multiplayer in The Quarry?

As in cooperative mode on the couch, eight players, including the owner, can join the online game and play in The Quarry. But the game does not have cross-platform support or support for different generations, which means that everyone you want to play should have the same device model. The Quarry is available on Microsoft Windows (PC), PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

Stay with us in Pro Game Guides to find out more step-by-step manuals and guidance on The Quarry. In the meantime, read our articles about everything that is included in The Quarry: Deluxe Edition.

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