Which are the Best Co-op Games of 2022 for PC, PS5, and Xbox?

Playing a game with your friends is one of the best ways to spend time together. This article will give you tips on finding the best co-op games for PC, PlayStation (PS4 / PS5), Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Switch to quickly find an appropriate match for you and your friends.

The co-op genre is one of the more popular video games, with many of the most anticipated games (such as Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2) including multiplayer modes. With a ranking containing some of the best co-op games for PC, PlayStation (PS4 / PS5), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in 2022, you’re sure to find something to suit your gaming needs!

Portal 2

Fans of puzzles and escape rooms
Couples who are looking for a fun and entertaining game for two
Players with little time, as you can save regularly
Children and teenagers, as the game is about logical thinking and not about eliminating enemies or other players

Everyone is always looking for new challenges. Because once solved, the puzzles offer little replay value
Action fans, as Portal 2 is reticent
to everyone who attaches great importance to beautiful graphics. The game is already a few years old.

How does the co-op gameplay work?
You play the two robots, Atlas and P-Body, in co-op and follow the same puzzle principle with them.
However, each of you can open two portals, which leads to a whole new dynamic with a total of 4 outlets:
You can create a portal and use it to send player 1 to a completely different location while player 2 stays at the entrance. In this way, you can reach different angles, and the chambers become more complex.
When building up super speed, with the right timing and relocating a portal, a player can catapult the other player across space.
So if you don’t puzzle alone or are looking for further challenges after the single-player, you will be satisfied in the co-op.

Diablo 3

Everyone who likes to grind
Competitive players who like to climb the leaderboard
Players who don’t value the latest graphics
Everyone who likes to perform in co-op games and loves action instead of chilling
Everyone who wants to play a round in-between.
Players who like it dark.

everyone, players who are fed up with grinding
Anyone who regularly needs new DLCs to enjoy the game
More minor Children (Family Co-op)

How does the co-op gameplay work?
The function of the co-op differs depending on the platform. You’re all on the same screen in couch co-op on consoles and can’t walk off-screen.
On the other hand, if you play in regular multiplayer on the PC, everyone has their screen and can move freely in the game. While player A is clearing act 1, player B does the same thing with act 2. In this way, the work can be conveniently shared, and farming can be made more accessible since, in this example, both players receive the final reward (a small bag with items, gold, and blood fragments) from receiving both act degrees.
You can also simplify some achievements as a co-op group. Instead of killing all bosses alone within a time limit, you split up the opponents in the group and thus have more time.
There are different leaderboards for the progress in a group for 2, 3, and 4 players. Groups can be built up so that a class with the most challenging possible build supports the group and attracts anger while the remaining players distribute their damage.
There is no class limit in co-op. Anyone can play the same Class with the same build. So you can easily exchange the loot with each other since most of it drops for your Class.

Borderlands 3

Everyone who likes to collect loot and build skill trees
Anyone who enjoys whimsical humor
Everyone is celebrating cracked guns (Burger Cannon!)
Players looking for a story-driven co-op game

Players who like quiet games
Anyone who doesn’t know anything about shooters
Anyone who prefers serious and realistic shooters

How does the co-op gameplay work?
You can choose from two co-op variants.
In Cooperation, there is unique loot for everyone. There is also level sync, and enemies scale to your level.
In Co-op Competition, everyone gets the same loot, and you can argue about it. Enemy levels are based on the group leader’s level.
If you play on the couch, you can start split-screen with two players on the old consoles. On PS5 and Xbox Series X, you can play with four players. On the other hand, you can’t use split-screen at all on the PC.
Furthermore, online multiplayer with up to four players is possible on all platforms.

A Way Out

everyone who values ​​excellent stories
everyone who is looking for an entertaining but intense co-op game
everyone who likes to empathize with characters
everyone who is looking for a co-op with a sense of humor
anyone who doesn’t need complex challenges

everyone who doesn’t know what to do with action commands
anyone who wants a lot of replay value in their co-op games
anyone who prefers to fight and explore in action-adventure games
anyone who wants some heavy co-op

How does co-op gameplay work?
You can only play the game in co-op mode as A Way Out does not have a single player. You can also decide whether you want to play the game online with a friend or comfortably on the couch. The entire adventure takes place on split-screen, no matter which variant you choose. If you play online, only one of you needs to buy the game, as the game owner can invite the other.
One player takes on the role of Vincent and the other that of Leo. You can partially do your own thing, but when it becomes essential, your Cooperation is required.

Overcooked 2

all players looking for a party game for co-op nights
Anyone who enjoys solving tricky situations
Gaming beginners, but also professionals
everyone who wants to play with their family and children

everyone who expects a captivating story
Everyone who has problems with time pressure and coordination
Anyone who doesn’t like cute, colorful looks

How does the co-op gameplay work?
You can compete in couch co-op with up to four players. The controls are so simple that theoretically, even two players can gamble with a single controller. However, this is not necessarily recommended.
Because overcooked can very quickly bring you to your stress limit, you have to coordinate and ensure that all the proverbial cogs mesh continuously, no matter how cute it is. Otherwise, you run into each other, deliver the wrong ingredients or ruin the work of others.
But when everything works smoothly, Overcooked is one of the most entertaining and rewarding co-op games. The game is ultimately designed to be played together – and is also most fun in a group.

Sea of ​​Thieves

all pirate fans
Players who enjoy immersing themselves in stories
Players who like to grind
Gamers who want to have fun
everyone who wants sandbox games

everyone who hated underwater levels in old games
Players who don’t like PvP
Players who need clearly defined quests like in MMORPGs

How does the co-op gameplay work?
Co-op is an integral part of Sea of ​​Thieves. The ships are ideal for co-op. When I go out with my crew, I’m always pleased. The pirate atmosphere paired with the wonderful humor of the adventure alone makes for a lot of fun.
A player stands at the top of the lookout and can call out to the captain when loot, enemies, or land are in sight. Even without a microphone, it’s fun to communicate with emotes and features like a bell.
Another player then takes care of the length and angle of the sails so that they are best aligned to the wind, and the ship gains speed or slows down. If there are four of you playing, you still have a post-free to load the cannons or pull treasures out of the water with the harpoon.
You can even show off with your crew on land if you shoot each other’s enemies off the skin in raids.
Don’t forget the instruments. Sea of ​​Thieves equips you with a hurdy-gurdy drum, banjo, and an accordion. If you all play the instruments simultaneously, they complement each other and play the same songs at the right time.
With the Loot Pass (Sea of ​​Thieves Battle Pass), you have the opportunity to unlock premium items that have already been released. There is also access to items that will later be offered to all players in the pirate bazaar. The Loot Pass has 100 levels, and you can unlock them together with your group or alone.


everyone who likes to be creative
everyone who loves to build something
everyone who likes to play with their children
everyone who just wants to gamble for a short round
everyone who is looking for a varied game with a lot of replay value

everyone who doesn’t enjoy building
everyone who has no interest in survival games
anyone looking for more action
everyone who doesn’t know what to do with the game’s pixel graphics

How does the co-op gameplay work?
Co-op mode in split-screen on the couch is only possible in Minecraft via the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can now load an existing world or create a new one to play together. By connecting the next controller, Minecraft recognizes another player and gives you the option to join the selected planet. Now the screen is split, and you can get started.
Overall, Minecraft offers the opportunity to play with up to 4 players simultaneously. On PC, your friends can play alongside you via online mode. But it’s best to turn off the open multiplayer mode so that no stranger can join your world via the Internet.
Together you can now create buildings, go on a discovery tour or collect materials. But you can also distribute your tasks, and everyone contributes something to a joint project. There are no limits to your imagination.


All survival beginners and veterans
All who are fans of Norse mythology
Everyone who likes to discover and build
Friends of challenging games
Indie fans

Anyone for whom graphics are more important than gameplay
Gamers with no interest in survival and crafting games
Everyone who is only after PvP

How does the co-op gameplay work?
If you play Valheim with several people, opponents will become more arduous, but you will also get resources faster. Division of labor allows the base and equipment to be expanded more quickly. In addition, you benefit from various buffs from the bosses or longer-lasting effects. PvP only exists if both parties agree.
In Valheim, you can start a local server and invite friends or rent a dedicated server. Servers can be rented for a fee but are continuously accessible to everyone. You don’t pay anything extra in the local game, but you have to be online yourself – otherwise, the world is not available.

Destiny 2

Gamers who enjoy playing co-op in first-person shooters
Players who are not afraid of communication
Couples who like to prove themselves as a duo
Players addicted to the best loot
Casual players in PvP as these modes are timeless

Solo players, since many team activities promise the most remarkable success
Casual players in PvE, otherwise ongoing season content may be missed
everyone who doesn’t like first-person shooters

How does co-op work in Destiny 2?
After being revived as a Warden and completing the tutorial, you can join a fireteam with other Wardens. There you have the opportunity to do certain activities.
Strikes: longer variants of missions that loot on completion)
Crucible: PvP modes like 6vs6 or free-for-all)
Gambit: A mixture of PvP and PvE in which you set enemies on your opponents and try to terrorize them with invasions)
Raids: A 6-guardian activity where the task is to defeat dangerous bosses and survive their complex mechanics. There’s a fat loot here for that.)

Monster Hunter World

everyone who values ​​an enormous game scope with lots of content
everyone who likes beautiful graphics and colorful characters
everyone who has a lot of variety in their co-op games
everyone who likes to grind for new equipment and always wants to improve
anyone looking for a challenge and tinkering with their build

anyone who can get started with complex build systems
everyone who doesn’t like the grind
everyone who wants solid and emotional stories

How does the co-op gameplay work?
You can play the story and quests of Monster Hunter World with your friends in twos, threes, or fours. The level of difficulty automatically adjusts to the size of the group. With very few exceptions, there are no restrictions.
You can meet with up to 16 other players in the Gathering Hall. These are interactive lobbies where you prepare for quests and also meet up with players who are just looking for a quick hunt.
Matchmaking is organized via groups that you can open. You can provide information, for example, if you want to hunt a specific monster or are just out for fun.
But there is also an emergency call system that you can use on certain quests. If you fire a flare, other players can see your reputation via the menu and join you if you’re stuck on a mission.
However, since Monster Hunter World was released in 2018 and is no longer supported with new content, it can sometimes take a while before you find players on the servers. Usually, there is always someone who just wants to hunt.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Pen&Paper fans, especially if you’re into DSA or D&D
everyone who already enjoyed Baldur’s Gate, Pillars of Eternity, or the other Divinity parts
Lovers of good stories – D: OS2 is almost a playable book
Strategists and tacticians who prefer to plan rather than shoot in battles
everyone who is looking for an alternative for Pen&Paper where you don’t have to meet at the table

everyone who needs pure action in their games
Gamers with no interest in RPGs and tactical games
anyone who can’t make tough decisions

How does the co-op gameplay work?
You can play Divinity: Original Sin 2 alone or with up to 3 friends in a group. You are free to play the entire campaign together. This covers roughly between 80 and 120 hours.
The co-op runs online and on a local split-screen (only for two players; not available on Switch). Otherwise, the game is no different from solo gameplay, and you simply take turns playing in a group. The gameplay is similar to Baldur’s Gate 3, also by Larian, which we have already tested for you.
Of particular note, however, is the game master mode. In this, you can create your tabletop adventure for a group and guide them through your story in pen and paper.
You can either adopt adventures from the community or create them yourself. The Definitive Edition already includes a campaign from the popular German Pen&Paper The Black Eye, both in German and English.
A nice treat for veterans: Divinity 2 offers a LAN mode! By the way, there is even a PvP mode in the arena with pre-made characters. This also works online or in the local split-screen with Hot Seat.


Fans of loot shooters like Destiny
anyone who likes to grind for more powerful gear
Friends of exciting stories
everyone who wants to optimize their character and customize it visually
everyone who wants fast-paced action battles with a lot of acrobatics

PvP fans. This mode is in the game, but hardly anyone is interested in it
everyone who doesn’t like the bizarre SciFi style of the setting
everyone who hates grind

How does the co-op gameplay work?
You can start missions or certain open-world levels with three other players. Each frame can bring its unique abilities here, especially the tank and support structures, which are significant for teamwork.
A particular form of the co-op is the space battles with the capital ships. You have such a ship when you complete a specific series of missions, and to steer the thick pot, you need several players who crew the different stations of the stout boat.
One player takes care of the navigation; another operates the weapon systems, and the rest try to fend off boarding parties and possibly board the enemy ships in return. NPCs can now also take on the roles, but it’s more fun with friends.

The Forest

everyone who likes to build, craft and explore
Well-groomed horror fans
everyone who is looking for a game with long-term motivation
anyone looking for a co-op with lots of survival mechanics
everyone who likes to grind

everyone afraid of the dark
everyone who is looking for a short game in between
everyone who doesn’t like exploring and building

How does the co-op gameplay work?
You can create your session on the PC, and up to 7 friends can then join you. The same applies to players on the PlayStation 4. The game status is loaded from the host. However, there is also the possibility to rent your server. There are a few providers online for this.
In co-op, you can do all the activities that are also possible in a single-player with eight people. So, in addition to looking for your offspring, build a complete base, farm resources, explore the island or show the natives that you are the new Predator from now on.

Don’t Starve Together

everyone who likes gloomy settings
Everyone who likes to torment through challenging survival games
Anyone looking for a more extended adventure for their group
Everyone who wants to get involved in imaginative indie games

everyone who can’t stand comic graphics
Anyone who just wants to gamble in a relaxed manner
Everyone who is looking for a quick adventure in between

How does the co-op gameplay work?
Instead of stumbling through this macabre world alone, you can starve together with up to 5 friends.
If you play with a completely inexperienced squad, someone will surely die due to lack of food – because you have to share all resources.
If you die, you lose your inventory, but you still have a chance to regain your life. What else happens when you die depends on your chosen game mode:
Survival: Dead players turn into ghosts that can be revived. If all players are ghosts, the game generates a new world after 2 minutes, and the old one is lost. However, each player’s spirit weighs on your mental state.
Wilderness: Dead players are resurrected by the game at a random location on the map.
Endless: The round does not end even if all players are dead. Ghosts can revive themselves in specific locations. In addition, player ghosts do not harm the other players as they do in Survival.
Between 50 and 100 hours can easily be put into the survival title, and you can start the whole thing online. The versions on PC and console also offer a couch co-op mode.
However you connect, you must stick together to survive. Otherwise, the game will just eat you up.

ARK: Survival Evolved

everyone who likes to build, craft and explore
Well-groomed horror fans
everyone who is looking for a game with long-term motivation
anyone looking for a co-op with lots of survival mechanics
everyone who likes to grind

everyone afraid of the dark
everyone who is looking for a short game in between
everyone who doesn’t like exploring and building

How does co-op work in ARK: Survival Evolved?
You can play Ark in a local co-op, rent a private server, or create a dedicated server yourself. On unofficial servers, you can use mods and be in a tribe with over 100 players at the same time and master adventures with them.
In co-op, many things are more accessible in ARK, and one player can, for example, concentrate on foraging for food. At the same time, another expands the base, and another player takes care of dinosaur breeding and training.

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