What is the POLTLL? The game

The game of guessing for basketball is a great way to hold off-season, but you can also play during the season, if you just want more basketball in your life. Poeltl is a guest game that challenges the knowledge of even the most experienced NBA fans.

What is the POLTLL?

Poeltl is a browser game in which players are invited to guess any current NBA player. Every day, a new basketball star is chosen as a mysterious athlete, and players must unravel who it is. Using both green and yellow tiles with statistics, the poalter gives players tips after each assumption.


Poeltl is inspired by Wordle?

Although Wordle is not inspired directly, Poeltl is partially inspired by Wordle. Many other games, such as Weddle, inspired by Wordle, will ultimately inspire the creators of Poeltl Dunktown to create their own game. There was a wider movement of niche browser games with guessing, which can be traced to the popularity of Wordle.

How do you play Poeltl?

Poeltl is quite easy to play, especially if you are familiar with other browser games for guessing. Choose whether to show or not the silhouette of the player you are trying to guess. Such a choice will give you a small hint of who is a player. Do not worry about spelling , as you choose it from the opening list after entering several letters. After each assumption, you will be informed using statistics how close you are to the right player. Players get eight chances to get a mysterious player.

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