Achieved the feat of Wingman 1000 Hours in APEX LEGENDS! Beyond the harsh road for about a year and a half …

Wingman is one of the most popular weapons in Apex Legends . It is known as a peaky romance weapon, but some people have such weapons have appeared. His name is civ: a (Shiva), Wingman 1000 hours tied .

The days of just shooting Wingman

Civ: A was doing a tied play called Wingman for 1,000 hours . With the goal of the best user in Japan, we started a harsh challenge.

Wingman boasts a high firepower of 45 basic damage per shot, but is a difficult single weapon to be handled. It is not unusual for you to be required to have an aiming power, and it will be shaken by the condition of the day. Relying on such weapons is hard to imagine.

CIV: A has been tying for about a year and a half since January last year. We have created many dramas, such as achieving 4,000 damage with 2 Wingman and reaching Master Rank in solo.

And on May 29, he succeeded in achieving his feat. In order to see the memorable moment, it seems that more than 14,000 people ** gathered in the last delivery.

Drama that happened in the last match **

And in the last distribution, there are dramatic events suitable for the end of 1000 hours. At the first movement, civ: A got off at the point named **. Then, the moment I opened the door, Wingman was falling in front of me.

By accident, as if it would praise the efforts so far, CIV: A was excited, saying, * blessing…! Viewers were impressed by the audience, saying, I have it at the end, I really fate, and I’m impressed.

CIV: A flew to a much higher height by the wing Wingman. Next, what kind of point do you aim for?

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