Take-Two talks about throwing games day one by game pass

Although basically the entire community of players, or at least a large part of it, is happy with Xbox Game Pass , since it provides an extensive list of games to a modest amount of money, the great executives of the industry They have demonstrated a series of concerns when talking about taking games day one to this service. Now, this list has joined the Take-Two CEO. **

During an interview, Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, owners of 2K and Rockstar, talked about the positive and negative points of Xbox Game Pass. While the Executive knows that there is a space for this platform, he He does not believe that taking games day to this service is something that benefits them . This was what he said about it:

We have supported several subscription services and we are happy for it. Our skepticism focuses that the main console products are available on their launch day with a subscription.

That makes no sense for us because, speaking in economic terms, we do not believe that consumers are willing to pay for it, and we cannot afford to put our business upside down in a way that does not make sense economically.

So there is always an intersection between what the consumer wants and what the editor is doing, and it makes no sense to do that for first-line properties, in our opinion. I think Sony is minimally according to us, because they have said so. It can be potentially good for catalog properties, those properties that have been in the market for a while. If its price has been reduced, it may make economic sense to offer them in a subscription.

This company does not operate based on the opinion of a person, including mine, and when it makes sense we will support the subscription services, and if that is the place where the consumer wants to be, that is where we will be. It is one of the terrifying things of working on video games, that we are so at the forefront of everything, that any prediction will inevitably make someone ridicule.

In the past we have seen games like gta San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption and more at Xbox Game Pass. However, These titles arrived at the platform years after their original launch . This is a feeling that other companies, including PlayStation, share. The idea of bringing experiences day one is something that is not sustainable for other companies, and it seems that Microsoft is the only one that can be luxurious.

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Editor’s note:

The idea of bringing games to Xbox Game Pass can be something positive when we talk about small experiences and independent titles. However, AAA productions would not be benefited. It is an issue where to find the midpoint may sound more complicated than necessary.

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