Which are the Best submachine Weapons to use in Warzone?

Infinity Ward’s Battle Royale has already brought in over 50 million players, and all aim to obtain an advantage over the others. It is a battle that commonly picks the best place to land and locates the very best weapons to take the first few kills. With that in mind, submachine Warzone guns are an ideal option for this very early video game and tight room encounter.

However, you are still required to recognize the best tools at hand. We have collected the different submachine guns to classify them to make sure that you realize what you will have to use the following time you are most likely to Caldera or Rejuvenation Island.

Type 100
K/D ratio: 1.23
Selection rate : 2.88%

K/D ratio: 1.31
Selection rate : 3.14%

K/D ratio: 1.31
Selection rate : 3.44%

Armaguerra 43
K/D ratio: 1.43
Selection rate : 1.62%

H4 Blixen
K/D ratio: 1.48
Selection rate : 1.23%

As you can see, we have a majority of Vanguard weapons right here, which is pretty reasonable, considering the devs intend to display weapons from the latest installment in Warzone, which’s it for the top 5 best submachine guns in Warzone. If you now wish to figure out which are the very best weapons in all groups, then head to our committed post on this subject.

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