How to Build the Best V Rising Castle?

From your first wooden palisades to building a roof, through specialized rooms and their powerful bonuses, we tell you everything to get you off to a good start in building your castle on the V Rising map.

Construction is one of the critical points of V Rising, and we must admit that the promise is powerful: build yourself a large castle worthy of your thirst for power. The developers of Stunlock have found a good balance between flexibility offered by a precise building mechanic and limitations not to clutter up the server with castles.

Why is the castle essential?
Your base is a hub of progress. The developers have taken care that you have to return to your base very often to improve it. You will find that the first hours of construction are not very exciting, but once the castle’s heart is upgraded to level 2, the building will take a completely different turn.

You will be encouraged to build in a certain way so that everything works perfectly.

The heart of the castle, the primary source of power
The castle’s heart will not only be the epicenter around which you can build borders, but it is also the main generator of all the machinery you will install. To work correctly, make sure the building is constantly stocked with blood essence to keep things running. It’s tedious for 1 or 2 hours, but you’ll get dozens of them in a few minutes.

Quiet beginnings
It’s disappointing when the game first asks you for walls around your heart. You have been sold a large castle, and you find yourself making eight squares of the wooden fence. But everything comes at the right time to those who know how to wait and as we pointed out before, things will speed up once the heart of the castle is at level 2.

There is the first set of bosses in the forest, but soon you will need to craft stone bricks to build your walls and roof. To pass this first level, you will need copper ingots and leather.

No deep roots
If you are a fan of survival games, you already know: that choosing the location of your castle is a matter that should not be taken lightly. As with Valheim or other games of this type, your first base in the forest biome will not be enough, and after a while, you will be forced to build a second castle, a little more in the center of the map.
Many teleporters are on the map, but it is impossible to teleport resources between different areas. It is estimated that once your castle core is at level 3, you will need to move on to expand the territory to more advanced biomes.

A roof over your head changes your life.
Not having a ceiling at the beginning will lengthen the progress time considerably. It will come with a level 2 heart and room creation. Placing stone foundations and halls without an empty slab will automatically generate a roof over your head. This way, you will be permanently protected from the sun, and you can spend as much time as you want on the workbenches.

Dedicated rooms and their improvements
Once the castle’s heart has been upgraded, you will obtain different types of floors corresponding to the rooms you will have to create: forge room, alchemy room, workshop room… By working in this way, you will be entitled to essential bonuses. Let us think of the intact hearts and the press of Blood. The transformation cost will be reduced dramatically.

Clans and PvP
At the moment, this is an option that we haven’t fully explored yet. However, V Rising behaves like many survival games with this type of server: it is possible to destroy and loot the castles of other vampire clans on the map.
However, this will require a lot of preparation and a good shipment of explosives. As in all our articles on how to start, we recommend that you try your luck in PvE first to assimilate the game loop properly and drastically speed up the first hours on a PvP server.

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