“Do you want to play the game after seeing the story of the story in the game.” A researchers Twitter questionnaire resonates, the result is

It seems that a questionnaire raised by game researchers, Noriyuki Shimoda, has been resonating. The content is a questionnaire, “Do you want to play the game after seeing the story in the game commentary in a work where the story is important?”
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The title is added that the questionnaire form is using Twitter. Adjust the text at the same time.

The game commentary is now one of the classic popular content, and has also gained official “citizenship”. There are many games that can be monetized even for major manufacturers as long as the rules are observed. The fact that the game commentary is born and popular in the game live content itself, which is the backdrop of this approval that playing games is leading to sales promotion. In other words, the idea that popular live commenters play games, increasing the exposure of the game itself and promoting it.

However, the story-based work is slightly different. Many adventure games are prohibited from games live and distribution. For example, the main story of the “Danganronpa” series, which is attractive to the raging story, has consistently restricted to the live commentary and distribution to the first chapter, and the “Tsukihime-a Piece of Blue Glass Moon-” released last year is also live. Delivery prohibited. Sukwear Enix’s “Spring Yukito Retrochika”, which was released the other day, is also banned in principle. Although the policy differs depending on the manufacturer and work, in games where the story gimmick is uri, live commentary and distribution are often prohibited. Knowing the story is the subject of play, and the replayability is low, so it is thought that it is easy to buy a live and distribution by knowing the story compared to other titles.

For a long time, Mr. Shimoda has been discussing an interesting questionnaire on May 25, while discussions on the game commentary and distribution of games-based games. Shimoda was once enrolled in Sega. He is a producer of “Border Break”, “Afterburner He is a climax” and “ghost scud”, and is a person who was popular as Shimoda P. He is currently a full-time teacher of the Digital Game Media Course at the Faculty of Information Science and Engineering at Okayama University of Science and the Department of Information Science and Engineering. He can learn game planning and programming on the course (course link). Due to the deep knowledge of game production and an academic point of view, Mr. Shimoda may have been claiming to be a game researcher.

Mr. Shimoda’s questionnaire content and questions are as follows.

Do you want to play the game after watching the live broadcast distribution that allows the game story to be clearly understood? You will not play the game in the live broadcast of games that focus on enjoying stories such as RPG and adventure.

・ I want to play not only to watch

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・ I’m satisfied because I watch it, I don’t want to play
・ I only want to see the results

The questionnaire has received 15,755 opinions. Although it is not a formal questionnaire as it is deployed on Twitter, it is quite a response based on the difficulty of multiple voting. So what happened to the result? “I’m satisfied because I see it, I don’t want to play” is the top 40.6%. Next, 39.9%of “not only watch but also play” is 39.9%. After a close battle, there were many opinions that “I don’t want to play the same work when I look at the live game of the story-oriented game.”

Our Automaton’s Twitter account also uses this questionnaire, so the respondents may have been slightly biased. Mr. Shimoda’s followers and Automaton readers believe (believe) that there are many users who want to play games on their own. Under such conditions, it is interesting that the opinion that “I was satisfied with the live game of the story-oriented game and I did not want to play the game.”

I asked Mr. Shimoda about this questionnaire. First of all, he commented on the results, “I realized that the response was so impressive that it was a familiar and important problem for players.” “Twitter questionnaires are not strict investigations, but many comments you’ve received are sure to have a positive effect and negative effect depending on the games.” “It is natural that games with high degree of perfection are more likely to have a positive effect, but games where players choose is easy to get a positive effect. Not only do you see it, but you want to experience the choice. Is it? “

He also asked about the analysis of this result. He commented, “Given the results obtained, games that have important options and feel that you can proceed with the story with your own will will be more likely to get a positive effect in live broadcasting.” “Even if you know the results in live broadcasting, it is a game that is worthwhile to choose yourself. For example, even if you know the result of” Dragon Quest 5 “, even if you know the result, it is worth the choice of yourself. There is. I guess this type will increase in future story-based games. ” In addition, “I’m worried about what kind of impact on a type of reasoning game where secrets are important, but this also takes various challenges so that the criminal side is not caught. You may be able to do it. “

This questionnaire is close to a simple survey as mentioned above. It will be the accuracy of whether to refer to it. However, various opinions have been received from users. Voices to play if there are multiple routes even in adventure, and voices that if you like the work, you will play. Alternatively, there are opinions that only the game played already played live. Some people think that those who do not buy by looking at the live commentary are not the purchasers in the first place. On the other hand, even if there are many people who do not buy games just by watching the game commentary, it is possible that if there is no game commentary in the first place, such a layer will not be well known. Aside from the purchase, it is certain that the game commentary is expanding the exposure of the game itself.

There are as many people as many people. That is why there is a variation between the company and the work for the live commentary and distribution of the story-based game. There is no correct answer there. As the experience shared type involving the game commentary gains popularity, the story-based games are becoming one of the classic forms. Even so, there are still many people who hope that there will be a game that will send the players to the players and new experiences. A powerful means that we players can contribute to the survival of such games is to buy a game. Let’s buy a game.

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