What is the attractive point of the vampire survival game V Rising?

The popularity of V Rising, which was released before Steam on May 17, is surprisingly hot. On the 6th, the main story and Deluxe version occupied the world’s highest sales volume in the world, with the highest number of concurrent users on the 6th. TOP 5 (CS: Go, Dota 2, Lost Arc, Bagg, Apex Legend), which is classified as a steam -based celestial system, is followed. The average Twitch viewer over the past week is 46,700, followed by the 8th Fortnite, and the user evaluation has surpassed more than 10,000 reviews, but maintains ‘very positive (87%positive)’.

V -rising elements are summarized in three main categories. The first is immersive. The details of the game are said to lead the immersion to the limit. For example, the protagonist is a vampire, which has all the vampires’ vampires and transformation attributes that you can enjoy more diverse than human characters. If you are exposed to solar light, it will cause continuous damage. Therefore, if you only work at night or when you are inevitable during the day, you need to find the shade. At this time, if you enter the tree shade, you will not be harmed, but when you log, you will be exposed to the sun and suffer damage. This detail further enhances the immersion of the game.

The second is simplification. The game combines the base construction/operating elements into the hack and slashing battles, so I’m worried that I will doubles the things I need to learn and care. However, it simplified elements such as resource harvesting, construction, and battle to minimize the complexity. For example, you can use the equipment in various ways, such as playing wood or ore while fighting with an ax or a blunt, or because the main character is a vampire, hungry and thirst are solved with one vampire and at the same time obtains the ability of the vampire. It is the back.

Some gamers think that the skill tree and depth of the developer, Stern Rock Studio, and the similar survival game Conan Exail, are shallow, but focus on attracting a large number of gamers as early as early. If you think it’s right, you can understand. In particular, even in the process of simplifying some gameability, it is well received by most users, such as maintaining detailed settings and balancing combat and construction.

V Rising - Open World Vampire Survival Action RPG

The third is competition and cooperation factors. The game is available for single play, but there are strong online game elements that select servers and play characters rather than following certain scenarios. PvP available/impossible depends on the server, and in this situation, the game is more fun if you interact with other gamers. You can collect resources, grab boss monsters, make equipment, acquire tool production, reduce noga in the process of decorating the base, and play dramatic experiences that you can’t experience when you play alone.

Of course, there are disadvantages. The lack of the server environment is often cut off and it is often difficult to connect (especially in PvP) (especially the PVP has a lot of problems), and compared to the wide map, the more demanding movement method, the cooperative and competition mentioned above is emphasized. Single play is boredom, and snowballs on the PVP server are pointed out as problems.

V -rising is currently being sold for 25,500 won on Steam. The support plan was not announced without the official Korean language, but as the game was exciting, voluntary Korean patches have been made.

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