Tips for the beginning or return to Hearthstone in 2022

Hearthstone-popular card online game in the Universe of World of Warcraft. You can play it on mobile devices or on a PC through the launch program. Getting into the game is still quite easy, but there are some things that should be remembered.

Hearthstone Guide for Beginners and Permanent Players

Hearthstone Beginners Guide 2022 - Everything You Need to Know!

in Hearthstone have three different games.

You would start with the main game, that is, Hearthst1. You can play it both in history and online. After you undergo training and pass several training rounds, you can quite easily play Hearthstone, as the rules are easy to understand.

The battlefields are the second mode of the game. “Fields of battles” is a game mode in which eight players fight each other in rounds 1 to 1 to remain the last survivor. Each round is divided into two phases. While the hiring phase allows you to hire and sell minions, improve the tavern, use the hero’s power and change the order of the attack of your minions, the phase of the battle makes the minions fight. In addition to adding realism to the game, it makes the players feel that they are fighting in a mini-bit.

Mercenaries, of course, are most different from others. You assemble a team of mercenaries and send them to small adventures related to the choice of ways on changing maps. The central hub of the game allows you to collect mercenaries, train them and spend gold to prepare your group for the next test.

Pass the training for any mode you choose

When choosing between these three modes, the most important thing is to undergo training for the one you need. Although they take a lot of time, it is very easy for them to follow, and each step and phase of each regime is explained in the leadership. The modes are very easy to master, but this is not what you should study during the game. Hearthstone has several guidelines that painfully explain each regime well.

try all the decks before creating your own

Many decks are suitable for many people, but this does not mean that the same deck will work for you. You are given so many decks that you can try at the beginning to find out which of them is suitable for your style. Paladins play differently than warriors, and priests play differently than those and others. Then, having tried all the decks, select the favorite and start changing the cards in accordance with your style.

do not start in the arena or in duels until you are ready

Arena and duel are easy ways to earn money, but if you can’t even defeat bots in history, other players will wipe you the floor, which is why you will lose money. Arena can be extremely profitable for players, and this is true, but many players enter them with a very low level, which allows others to easily earn money. Remember: as soon as you defeat all opponents with artificial intelligence in history mode, you will be ready to enter the arena or duel.

don’t worry about extensions

Many players are worried about how many additions they missed and whether they understand the story. Honestly, you can ignore the extensions, playing today, and still you will be in order. As the game develops, the number of types of minions has increased, but they are still easy to master. Honestly, each new type is just a mixture of several old ones or they have slightly different rules that you can quickly study.

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