Chinas exclusive nintendo switch game will finally be released worldwide

In 2019, Nintendo Switch threw himself in China along with a handful of games, includingadventure fiery of Rabbids_. The Ubisoft game never launched out of the country, and the switch games produced in China are blocked by regions, which prevents players from importing them from the way they can for launches in the United Kingdom or Japan. In an amazing movement, Ubisoft has announced that the game will finally be launched in the west next month as _rabbids: legends of the party | S and Google Stadia.

As the name implies, rabbids: legends of the party is a party set -focused game, with 50 minigues in total. In that sense, the game seems to be a setback to the first appearance of the characters in rayman Raving Rabbids. Rabbids: Legends of the party offers local competitive multiplayer for up to four players, both in 2v2 competitions, and against all against all. Players can also create their own minigue reproduction lists and IA opponents will have customizable levels of difficulty. The game’s narrative is inspired by the Chinese novel. Viaje to the west while the rabbids are transported to a new world thanks to their washing machine.

Of course, rabbids: Legends of the party is not the only next nintendo switch game that will feature the characters! Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Esperanza revealed last year in E3, once again gathering the characters with Mario and his friends. Ubisoft recently reaffirmed that the game will be launched on March 31, 2023, when the company’s fiscal year ends. Unlike legends of the party, Mario + Rabbids titles focus on shift strategy, although the characteristic humor of the series remains intact. Regardless of the type of rabbids game you prefer, it seems that the characters of the characters will have a lot to enjoy during the next year!

No One Saw This Coming For The Nintendo Switch

Rabbids: Legends of the party will be launched on June 30.

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